Rosulabryum puconense (Herzog & Ther .) J.R. Spence

Spence, John R., 2021, Studies in Austral Bryaceae (Bryopsida). III. A Preliminary Account with Keys to Rosulabryum J. R. Spence in Chile, PhytoKeys 185, pp. 87-98 : 87

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Rosulabryum puconense (Herzog & Ther .) J.R. Spence


10. Rosulabryum puconense (Herzog & Ther.) J.R. Spence


This species was synonymized under R. capillare by Ochi (1980). However, it differs in significant ways. It is characterized by small rosulate to evenly foliate stems, small leaves that are somewhat imbricate to irregularly contorted when dry, costa excurrent in a short awn, a weak to sometimes absent limbidium, and smooth to finely serrulate distal leaf margins. Perhaps most striking are its sexual condition and rhizoidal tubers. Most collections are synoicous, but some are single-sex and thus would be considered dioicous. The species likely has the same sexual systems as R. torquescens and can be described as polyoicous. The rhizoidal tubers are similar to those produced by R. rubens , with often protuberant cell walls, but they are much larger. Some tubers are up to 600 µm across, with colors varying from red-brown to red or orange. R. puconense seems to have a preference for mesic to dry soil under shrubs and is especially common along the coasts from central Chile south to the Tierra del Fuego region. Although currently a Chilean endemic, it may ultimately be found in southern Argentina. There are no known illustrations of this species.

Representative specimen examined.

Prov. Antártica Chilena, Comuna Cabo de Hornos, Isla Grande de la Tierra del Fuego, Bahía Yendegaia, NNE shore opposite Caleta Ferrari, 54°50'28"S, 68°47'52"W, on dry exposed soil over rock outcrops near ocean, J.R. Spence 6042, 13 January 2013 (CAS): Region VIII, Bío Bío Province, Saltillo del Itata, small falls on Itata River, 37°04'S 72°09'W, ca. 210 m, on soil bank among poplar trees by river, R.R. Ireland & G. Bellolio 34940, 28 Oct. 2002 (MO).