Protepiptera reticulata (Germar & Berendt, 1856)

Emeljanov, Alexander F. & Shcherbakov, Dmitry E., 2011, A new genus and species of Dictyopharidae (Homoptera) from Rovno and Baltic amber based on nymphs, ZooKeys 130, pp. 175-184: 177

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Protepiptera reticulata (Germar & Berendt, 1856)

comb. n.

Protepiptera reticulata (Germar & Berendt, 1856)   comb. n.

Pseudophana reticulata   Germar & Berendt, 1856: 16, pl. II, fig. 4b (pars)

Dictyophara reticulata   (Germar & Berendt, 1856): Metcalf and Wade 1966: 126

Cixidia reticulata   (Germar & Berendt, 1856): Szwedo et al. 2004: 85


Late instar nymph ( “pupa”) in Baltic amber, former East Prussia ( Germar and Berendt 1856: 16, pl. II, fig. 4b), designated here.


Of the two syntype nymphs, the late instar is selected as a lectotype. The 3rd instar nymph, belonging to Dictyopharinae   , is discussed under the new genus and species below. According to Szwedo et al. (2004), the type material was probably lost during World War II.

This species is possibly a senior synonym of Pseudophana kaweckii   Usinger, 1939 based on adults and very common in Baltic amber. Other possible senior synonyms of Pseudophana kaweckii   are “Cixius” longirostris Germar et Berendt, 1856 and “Oliarus” oligocenus Cockerell, 1910 ( Emeljanov and Shcherbakov 2009).