Metrarabdotos aff. jani Winston, Vieira & Woollacott, 2014

Ramalho, Laís V., Taylor, Paul D., Moraes, Fernando Coreixas, Moura, Rodrigo, Amado-Filho, Gilberto M. & Bastos, Alex C., 2018, Bryozoan framework composition in the oddly shaped reefs from Abrolhos Bank, Brazil, southwestern Atlantic: taxonomy and ecology, Zootaxa 4483 (1), pp. 155-186: 161-163

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Metrarabdotos aff. jani Winston, Vieira & Woollacott, 2014


Metrarabdotos aff. jani Winston, Vieira & Woollacott, 2014 

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aff. Metrarabdotos jani Winston et al., 2014  : p. 198, fig. 38.

Material examined. Abrolhos Bank, Bahia State, Brazil: MNRJ-Bry1345, Parcel dos Abrolhos, 4 m depth, February 2014, col. R. Moura. G. Amado-Filho & A. Bastos. 

Short description. Fragments of encrusting colonies with zooids disposed quincuncially. Frontal wall tuberculate with large and almost circular areolar pores. Secondary orifice circular with a small U-shaped sinus; a simple, elongated and curved avicularium present lateral to the orifice. Ovicell not observed.

Geographic distribution. Bahia, Espírito Santo and Rio de Janeiro states ( Canu & Bassler 1928a; Marcus 1955; Santana et al. 2009; Winston et al. 2014; Almeida et al. 2017; Bastos et al. 2018; present study).

Remarks. Winston et al. (2014) described Metrarabdotos jani  from Rio de Janeiro State and mentioned two characteristic features of the ovicell: the absence of pores on the ooecial surface and the presence of more than a single line of areolar pores. The specimens from Abrolhos are very similar to M. jani  but no ovicells have been observed. Since the main diagnostic taxonomic features are the ovicells, we identify the studied material as M. aff. jani  .

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