Ramalho, Laís V., Taylor, Paul D., Moraes, Fernando Coreixas, Moura, Rodrigo, Amado-Filho, Gilberto M. & Bastos, Alex C., 2018, Bryozoan framework composition in the oddly shaped reefs from Abrolhos Bank, Brazil, southwestern Atlantic: taxonomy and ecology, Zootaxa 4483 (1), pp. 155-186: 163-164

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Metrarabdotos  sp.

( Fig. 3BView FIGURE 3)

Material examined. Abrolhos Bank, Bahia State, Brazil: MNRJ-Bry1344, Parcel dos Abrolhos, 15 m depth, February 2014, col. R. Moura, G. Amado-Filho & A. Bastos. 

Description. Fragments of erect bifoliate colonies with zooids opening on both sides. Zooids rectangular (608–711–753 µm long x 277–308–354 µm wide), frontal shield smooth with 13–18 areolar pores. Secondary orifice circular (179–202–241 µm long x 137–151–167 µm wide), bidenticulate, with a small U-shaped sinus ( Fig. 3BView FIGURE 3). Ordinary avicularia paired, located distally to orifice; rostrum triangular, proximally directed ( Fig. 3BView FIGURE 3). No entire ovicells observed.

Geographic distribution. Abrolhos Bank, Bahia State, Brazil ( Bastos et al. 2018; present study). 

Remarks. All colony fragments recovered from the cores were poorly preserved and lacked ovicells, which are important for taxonomic identification to species level. Neither the avicularia nor the orifice showed distinctive features, precluding species-level identification of this bryozoan.