Exsuperantia Özdikmen, 2009

Carvalho, Francisca C. & Pisera, Andrzej, 2019, Revision of the genus Exsuperantia Özdikmen, 2009 (Tetractinellida: Phymaraphiniidae) with description of a new species from the Atlantic Ocean, Zootaxa 4613 (1), pp. 135-151: 137-138

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Exsuperantia Özdikmen, 2009


Genus Exsuperantia Özdikmen, 2009 

Synonymy. Rimella Schmidt, 1879: 21  (preoccupied); Racodiscula sensu Topsent, 1892  ( Topsent 1904, 1928) (wrong generic assignment).

Type species. Rimella clava Schmidt, 1879: 21  .

Diagnosis. Phymaraphiniidae  with a clavate shape, and phyllotriaenes as ectosomal spicules (Pisera & Lévi 2002b).

Description. Clavate to columnar sponges; ectosomal spicules are smooth phyllotriaenes; choanosomal macroscleres are subtylostyles to tylotes, and desmas are triders with smooth and/or tuberculated tubercles; microscleres are acanthomicroxeas, acanthorhabds and amphiasters (emended from Pisera & Lévi 2002b).

Remarks. Schmidt (1879) described a new genus from the Gulf of Mexico with the type species Rimella clava  . However, Rimella  was already preoccupied by a gastropod defined by Agassiz (1840), turning Rimella Schmidt  into a junior synonym of Rimella Agassiz  ( Özdikmen 2009). More recently, the original Schmidt material (1879) was redescribed and reillustrated by Pisera & Lévi (2002b).

DOP—Department of Oceanography and Fisheries of the University of Azores; HBOI—Harbour Branch Oceanographic Institute; MCZ—Harvard Natural History Museum; MNHN—Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris. The specimen marked by * is the holotype and the other two specimens marked with ** are the paratypes of Exsuperantia archipelagus  sp. nov.