Pantecphylus (Pantecphylus) helleri Schmidt, Stelzer & Marshall , 2004,

Heller, Klaus-Gerhard, Hemp, Claudia, Liu, Chunxiang & Volleth, Marianne, 2014, Taxonomic, bioacoustic and faunistic data on a collection of Tettigonioidea from Eastern Congo (Insecta: Orthoptera), Zootaxa 3785 (3), pp. 343-376: 363-365

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Pantecphylus (Pantecphylus) helleri Schmidt, Stelzer & Marshall , 2004


Pantecphylus (Pantecphylus) helleri Schmidt, Stelzer & Marshall, 2004 

[A] CH 4936 (holotype), CH 4937, 2 ♂♂

Schmidt et al. have described several new species in this genus ( Schmidt et al. 2004, 2006, 2007). In the Kivu region they described five new species from five males. According to these data a second, morphologically very similar species occurs in Irangi (with the same co-ordinates as [A]), while the locality of our animal is shown at a different place in their map). New studies on more material have to show if the extreme split of the genus ( Schmidt et al. 2004, 2006, 2007) has been correct.

The brilliant blue coloration of the mouth parts ( Fig. 13View FIGURE 13 D) fades to yellow after death.

Song. For data on the acoustic behaviour (calling song and defence stridulation) see Heller (1996).