Lanistoides Sjöstedt, 1913,

Heller, Klaus-Gerhard, Hemp, Claudia, Liu, Chunxiang & Volleth, Marianne, 2014, Taxonomic, bioacoustic and faunistic data on a collection of Tettigonioidea from Eastern Congo (Insecta: Orthoptera), Zootaxa 3785 (3), pp. 343-376: 370

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Lanistoides Sjöstedt, 1913


Lanistoides Sjöstedt, 1913  stat. rev.

The tribe Copiphorini  contains six genera in Africa (excluding the genera endemic to Madagascar and St. Helena and the doubtful species Copiphora subulata (Stoll, 1813 ))  : the closely related genera Euconocephalus  and Ruspolia  and the equally widespread Pseudorhynchus  and the endemic Clasma  , Lanista  and Plastocorypha  .

Another endemic genus, Lanistoides Sjöstedt, 1913  , was placed in synonymy of Plastocorypha  by Chopard (1955: 88), who obviously did not notice that both genera have different type species with same specific name (overlooked also by Otte 1997): Plastocorypha  is based on Pseudorhynchus nigrifrons Redtenbacher 1891  , Lanistoides  on Lanistoides nigrifrons Sjöstedt, 1913  . Combining both genera would produce a secondary homonym and require a new name for Lanistoides nigrifrons Sjöstedt, 1913  . Since the tip of the fastigium verticis seems to be distinctly longer in Lanistoides nigrifrons  than in Lanista  and Plastocorypha  (at least in the species figured in OSF), a character mentioned as typical for the genus by Sjöstedt (1913), and the shape of the head is different, we propose to re-establish Lanistoides  as a valid genus.