Setopsocus leuserensis, Kentjonowati, Endang Sri, 2010

Kentjonowati, Endang Sri, 2010, The genera Clematoscenea and Setopsocus (Psocoptera: Psocidae) in Sumatra, Indonesia, Zootaxa 2431, pp. 43-50 : 48-50

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.194707


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Setopsocus leuserensis

sp. nov.

Setopsocus leuserensis View in CoL , sp. nov.

( Figs 12–16 View FIGURES 12 – 16 )

Female unknown

Male. Coloration (after ca 3 years in alcohol). Head in general creamy brown. Light brown band each side of epicranial suture. Posterior margin of vertex with broad, transverse dark brown band, reaching back of capsule towards genae. Eyes greyish black. Ocelli pale, black centripetally. Frons with median broad brown band towards the area between lateral ocellus and orbit. Antennal socket bordered with brown. Antenna dark brown except scape, pedicel, basal half of first flagellar segment and intersegmental area of f1 and f2 pale. Clypeal suture dark brown. Lateral areas of postclypeus yellowish brown, centripetally dark brown. Dorsal half of anteclypeus dark brown, otherwise pale. Labrum and maxillary palp dark brown. Thorax dark brown, pale along sutures. Fore wing ( Fig. 12 View FIGURES 12 – 16 ) hyaline with brown patches behind radial fork and in cells Rs, R5, Cu1 and Cu2. Pterostigma brown. Legs dark brown except basal 2/3 of femur yellowish.

Morphology. IO:D 1.66. Head setose. Eyes small. Fore wing ( Fig. 12 View FIGURES 12 – 16 ) veins setose, pterostigma triangular, vein Cu1a fused with M for a short length. Hypandrium ( Fig. 14 View FIGURES 12 – 16 ) symmetrical, rows of teeth present on the central region, field of long setae between these, a group of small spines on the anterolateral margin. Phallosome ( Fig. 15 View FIGURES 12 – 16 ) a closed frame with long densely spinose posterior projection. Epiproct missing in preparation. Paraproct ( Fig.16 View FIGURES 12 – 16 ) with long basal sclerotised bar and field of about 41 trichobothria.

Dimensions. B 2.5; FW 4.12; HW 2.9; F 0.96; T 1.96; t1 0.34; t2 0.2; t1/t2 1.7; Ct 23 (t1), 4 (t2); f1 1.27; f2 1.45; f1/f2 0.87

Holotype male: INDONESIA, SUMATRA, North, Gunung Leuser National Park, enclave, mixed cultivated trees, 400 m, beating, 7.VI.1997, ESK.

Remarks. This single male differs from males of S. magnus Smithers & Thornton from New Guinea and S. hirsutus (New) from Singapore, in details of the fore wing colouration and in genitalic features. The hypandrium of this species has anterolateral tooth rows and a median partial of row of teeth, which are lacking in the other two species. The phallosome is a closed frame with a prominent posterior spiculate projection, whereas the phallosome of S. magnus and S. hirsutus lacks a posterior projection.

The species’ name refers to the type locality.













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