Atheta (Microdota) spermathecorum Klimaszewski & Larson

Klimaszewski, Jan, Larson, David J., Labrecque, Myriam & Bourdon, Caroline, 2016, Twelve new species and fifty-three new provincial distribution records of Aleocharinae rove beetles of Saskatchewan, Canada (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae), ZooKeys 610, pp. 45-112: 61

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Atheta (Microdota) spermathecorum Klimaszewski & Larson

sp. n.

Taxon classification Animalia Coleoptera Staphylinidae

Atheta (Microdota) spermathecorum Klimaszewski & Larson  sp. n. Figs 29-32


(female). Canada, Saskatchewan, Larson Ranch, Hwy 21, 16 km S Maple Creek, 8-VI-2014, D. Larson (LFC). Paratypes. Canada, Saskatchewan, Larson Ranch, Hwy 21, 16 km S Maple Creek: 29-V-2012 (LFC) 1 female; 30-V-2014, D. Larson ( CNC) 1 female; 17-VII-2014, decaying polypore mushroom, D. Larson ( CNC) 1 female; Belanger Creek, Frenchman Valley, 11-V-2013, D. Larson (DLC) 1 female; Harris Res., 10 km S Maple Creek, 20-V-2004, drift, D. Larson (DLC) 1 female; Alberta, Lethbridge, 24-III-1964, D. Larson (DLC) 1 female.


The species name spermathecorum  is derived from the name of spermatheca in reference to unusually shaped capsule of the spermatheca of this species.


Body narrowly subparallel (Fig. 29), length 1.9-2.2 mm, uniformly black, legs with at least tarsi reddish-brown; head, pronotum and elytra finely and moderately densely punctate and pubescent, punctures small (Fig. 29); integument moderately glossy, more so on abdomen; pronotum transverse, narrower than elytra, with pubescence directed obliquely anteriad and posteriad posteriorly from median line of disc (Fig. 29); elytra at suture slightly longer than pronotum; abdomen subparallel (Fig. 29). MALE. Unknown. FEMALE. Tergite VIII truncate and slightly concave apically (Fig. 30); sternite VIII truncate and slightly emarginate apically (Fig. 31); spermatheca with irregularly-shaped capsule without apparent apical invagination, stem narrow, and with a single posterior coil bearing swollen apical part (Fig. 32).

It is distinguished from all other Nearctic species of Atheta  , subgenus Microdota  , by the unique shape of spermatheca bearing bulbus apical projection on top of capsule (Fig. 32).


Adults are known from SK and AB.

Natural history.

Females were captured in March (Alberta), May and July (Saskatchewan): one was found in a decaying polypore mushroom and one was found in lake drift in May.