Cacochroa Heinemann, 1870

Corley, Martin & Ferreira, Sónia, 2019, A taxonomic revision of the Western Palaearctic genus Cacochroa Heinemann 1870 (Lepidoptera, Depressariidae, Cryptolechiinae) with description of a new genus and a new species, Zootaxa 4683 (2), pp. 197-214 : 200

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4683.2.2

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Cacochroa Heinemann, 1870


Cacochroa Heinemann, 1870 View in CoL

( Figs 1 View FIGURE 1 A-B, 2, 4A)

Cacochroa Heinemann, 1870: 367 View in CoL . Type species Anchinia permixtella Herrich-Schäffer, 1854 View in CoL by monotypy.

Cacophyia Rebel, 1901: 175 . An unnecessary objective replacement name for Cacochroa Heinemann, 1870 , which is not a junior homonym of Cacochroea Lederer, 1859 View in CoL ( Lepidoptera View in CoL : Tortricidae View in CoL ) ( Nye & Fletcher, 1991: 51).

Description. Head with smooth scales. Labial palpus slightly curved upwards, segment 2 curved near base, thickened with slightly projecting scales on ventral side, segment 3 one-third length of segment 2, acute. Antenna threequarters length of forewing, scape without pecten, flagellum ringed with darker intersegmental divisions. Forewing elongate, with markedly convex costal margin, widest at about two-fifths, apex narrower, termen very oblique, tornal angle not evident. Hindwing about three-quarters width of forewing. Forewing with black scales slightly raised.

Male genitalia ( Fig. 2 View FIGURE 2 ). Uncus truncate, with broad median notch, valva with costal portion simple, parallelsided, half as long as vinculum-saccus, rounded at apex, ventral portion broad with quadrate median process; juxta lobes small, unequal; vinculum broadly ovate, extending into long parallel-sided saccus with subacute apex, the combined vinculum-saccus massive; aedeagus slender, longer than entire genitalia armature, base reflexed; a single long cornutus.

Female genitalia ( Fig. 4A View FIGURE 4 ). Posterior apophysis twice as long as anterior apophysis; segment VIII with broad rounded lobe on anterior ventral margin; ostium an inverted V; antrum broad, obliquely truncate at anterior end; ductus bursae membranous, with a sclerotised section before the corpus bursae, ductus spermathecae attached at posterior end of corpus bursae, which is flask-shaped; signum stout, in form of an X, but twisted at the middle so that it appears Y-shaped from some angles.

The massive vinculum-saccus is most unusual in the Gelechioidea and is reminiscent of the genitalia of Adeloidea. The valvae are attached in such a way that opening them in the conventional position is not practicable, which makes detailed examination of the structure unsatisfactory.












Cacochroa Heinemann, 1870

Corley, Martin & Ferreira, Sónia 2019


Nye, I. W. B. & Fletcher, D. S. 1991: 51
Rebel, H. 1901: 175


Heinemann, H. 1870: 367
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