Adelostoma (Zarudnionymus) abyssinicum hirsutum Koch, 1935

Purchart, Luboš, 2012, Revision of the genus Adelostoma (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae). Part 1: subgenus Zarudnionymus Semenov & Bogatchev, 1947, Zootaxa 3164, pp. 17-31: 24

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Adelostoma (Zarudnionymus) abyssinicum hirsutum Koch, 1935


Adelostoma (Zarudnionymus) abyssinicum hirsutum Koch, 1935 

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Adelostoma hirsutum Koch, 1935 a: 39  –40.— Gebien 1937: 677; Alfieri 1976: 180; Lillig & Bremer 2002: 49. Adelostoma abyssinicum hirsutum: Koch 1952: 28  ; Löbl et al. 2008: 121.

Zarudnyonymus [sic!] abyssinicus hirsutum  : Ardoin 1976: 149.

Adelostoma (Zarudnyonymus) [sic!] abyssinicum hirsutum: Purchart 2007: 244  .

Type locality. Egypt, Gebel Elba [= Jabal Elba].

Type material. According to Koch (1952), the only type specimen should be deposited in Entomological section of the Ministry of Agriculture at Dokki in Egypt. I contacted several responsible persons (long time before the Egyptian revolution in February 2011) from the Plant Protection Research Institute, which is a new name for the latter, but without success. Therefore for comparison I used specimens which perfectly agree with Koch´s (1935 a) description and which were collected at the type locality (Jabal Elba).

Additional material examined. EGYPT —(13 MNHNAbout MNHN): Gebel Elba, Egypt, 1.3. 38, Dr. H. Priesner // Museum Paris, Coll. P. Ardoin, 1978 // Falsaspila abyssinicum  Haag-R., P. Ardoin det., 1971; (1 NHMBAbout NHMB): Gebel Elba, Egypt, 9. 1. 38, Dr. H. Priesner // Falsaspila abyssinicum  Haag-R., P. Ardoin det., 1971. SUDAN —(2 SMNSAbout SMNS): Sudan, Prov. Kassala, Erkowit, 1000 m // sub lapide, 10.3. 1978, H.J. Bremer leg. // hirsutum Koch H.J. Bremer  det. 1978 // Falsaspila hirsutum  , det. Schawaller 2005; (3 ZSMAbout ZSM): Sudan, Prov. Kassala, Erkowit, 1000 m, sub lapide, 10.3. 1978, H.J.Bremer leg. // Adelostoma hirsutum Koch, H.J.Bremer  det. 1978 // coll. H.J.Bremer 1980 // COLL. H.J. Bremer // Zool. Staatsslg. München; (2 3 + 3 Ƥ + 3 MNHNAbout MNHN, 1 3 LPCB): Sudan, Erkowit, 18.-20. 4. 1964, J. Kaisila // Mus. Zool. Helsinky, Loan No. C 192 // Museum Paris, Coll. P. Ardoin, 1978. ETHIOPIA?—(1 BMNH): 56572 // Abyssinia // Fry Coll. 1905. 100. // Adelostoma abyssinica, Raffr.  , Abyssinia.

Distribution. Egypt, Sudan.

Remarks. Koch (1935 a) described Adelostoma hirsutum Koch, 1935  from Egypt. Later Gridelli (1940) synonymised it with Adelostoma abyssinicum Haag-Rutenberg, 1872  without any comparison of type specimens. Koch did not agree and forwarded type of A. abyssinicum  to prof. Priesner (Cairo, Egypt) to compare it with type of A. hirsutum  . Priesner was able to find only two, in my opinion weak, characters (different punctation and setation of elytra) on which he decided that these two “species” are at least two geographic races of the same species. Koch (1952: 28) published these results without any further comments. Ardoin (1976) and Purchart (2007) accepted these two “species” as subspecies. During my study of the subgenus Zarudnionymus I examined larger series of these two taxa and found further two constant characters (differences in body size and punctation of reflected portion of elytra). The latter are, especially when combined with characters found by Priesner, useful to distinguish these two taxa reliably. However, as there is no really strong character that could at first sight separate them from each other I prefer to retain them as subspecies together with the new subspecies described below.


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Adelostoma (Zarudnionymus) abyssinicum hirsutum Koch, 1935

Purchart, Luboš 2012


Adelostoma hirsutum

Lobl 2008: 121
Lillig 2002: 49
Alfieri 1976: 180Koch 1952: 28
Gebien 1937: 677Koch 1935: 39


Adelostoma (Zarudnyonymus) [sic!] abyssinicum hirsutum:

Purchart 2007: 244