Apanteles bordagei Giard, 1902

Rousse, Pascal & Gupta, Ankita, 2013, Microgastrinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) of Reunion Island: a catalogue of the local species, including 18 new taxa and a key to species, Zootaxa 3616 (6), pp. 501-547: 508

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Apanteles bordagei Giard, 1902


Apanteles bordagei Giard, 1902 

( Figs 5View FIGURE 5 e –f)

Diagnosis. Scutellum and mesopleuron smooth and shining. Propodeum smooth with areola reduced to an apical fork. Fore wing with r and 2 Rs forming a curved continuous line without distinct angle. Tergum 1 distinctly narrowed apically. Ovipositor shorter than hind femur.

Description. c f. Granger, 1949: 259 for details.

Host records. Crobylophora daricella Meyrick  , Leucoptera caffeina Washbourn  , and L. meyricki (Ghesquière)  ( Lepidoptera  : Lyonetiidae  ).

Distribution records. Equatorial Africa, Madagascar and Reunion.

Comments. Species described from Reunion as a parasitoid of the leaf miner L. caffeina  . Coffea culture in Reunion has radically decreased since the end of the 19 th century and its replacement by sugarcane. Leucoptera caffeina  is still present on the small remaining crops, though it is no more considered as a pest (F. Descroix, pers. com.), and A. bordagei  has not been collected again since its description.