Dolichogenidea broadi Rousse

Rousse, Pascal & Gupta, Ankita, 2013, Microgastrinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) of Reunion Island: a catalogue of the local species, including 18 new taxa and a key to species, Zootaxa 3616 (6), pp. 501-547: 526-527

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Dolichogenidea broadi Rousse

sp. nov.

Dolichogenidea broadi Rousse  , sp. nov.

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Diagnosis. Face densely puncto-reticulate. Mesoscutum densely puncto-reticulate. Tegum 1 hardly longer than basally wide. Antenna of female with flagellomere 15 barely longer than wide. Ovipositor short, straight and thin.

Color. Black. Mandible and labrum reddish testaceous. Fore leg yellowish with coxa infuscate. Middle leg yellowish with coxa and femur blackish red. Hind leg blackish red with coxa black and tibia yellowish. Wing hyaline, venation light brown.


FEMALE (Holotype). B: 1.7; A: 1.9; L: 1.9.

Head. Clypeus thin, seprated from face, its ventral margin concave. Face and clypeus densely punctoreticulate. H i: 0.8; EH i: 0.8; C i: 4.2; Fl 1 i: 2.8; Fl 2 i: 2.8; FL 1– 2 i: 1.0; Fl 15 i: 1.2; Fl 16 i: 1.8; OO i: 1.6; IO i: 1.2.

Mesosoma  . Pronotum polished with upper and lower furrows crenulate, moderately deep. Anterior third of mesopleuron densely puncto-reticulate, largely smooth posteriorly, sternaulus moderate and smooth. Metapleuron polished, posteriorly puncto-reticultae, anterior pit deep. Mesoscutum densely and deeply puncto-reticulate. Scutoscutellar groove deep and crenulate. Scutellum almost as coarsely sculptured than mesoscutum. MSC i: 0.8. Propodeum with areola complete and strong, regularly hexagonal, apically truncate, basally linked to the base of propodeum by two sub-median longitudinal carina, costulae slighltly oriented backwards. Fore wing. R 1 /Pl i: 0.9; r/ Pw i: 1.2; r/ 2 Rs i: 1.7. Hind wing. Hind margin of vannal lobe regularly rounded and setose all along. Legs. Hind coxa entirely densely punctate. Cx/T 1 i: 2.2; F i: 3.6.

Metasoma. Tergum 1 short, its lateral margins sub-parallel, hardly constricted apically, its surface granulate. Tergum 2 polished, short, transverse, and slightly widened apically. Terga 2 and 3 hardly separated. Hypopygium medially desclerotised. Ovipositor short, straight and thin. T 1 a i: 1.4; T 1 b i: 1.2; T 1 /T 2 i: 2.1; T 2 a i: 0.3; T 2 b i: 0.6; T 2 / T 3 i: 0.9; OT i: 0.3.

MALE. Unknown.

Material examined. HOLOTYPE Ƥ (MNHN EY 8805) Verbatim label data: St Leu / Colimaçons, exploitation AB J. Boissières, alt. 260m, 03/ 2011, coll. Cirad; middle right leg from coxa, hind right leg from femur, and ovipositor sheath broken.

Etymology. Named for Gavin Broad, entomologist and Senior Curator of the hymenopteran collections of BNHM.

Distribution records. Reunion.