David G. Smith & Emma S. Karmovskaya, 2003, A new genus and two new species of congrid eels (Teleostei: Anguilliformes: Congridae) from the Indo-West Pacific, with a redescription and osteology of Chiloconger dentatus., Zootaxa 343, pp. 1-19 : 1

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[[ Bathymyrinae ]]

The subfamily Bathymyrinae of the Congridae consists of five currently recognized genera. Ariosoma Swainson, 1838   ZBK occurs in all oceans and is one of the most speciose of the congrid genera. Bathymyrus Alcock, 1889   ZBK contains three species from the Indo-West Pacific. Parabathymyrus Kamohara, 1938   ZBK contains four species from the Indo-West Pacific and the western Atlantic. Paraconger Kanazawa, 1961   ZBK contains six currently recognized species, inhabiting the eastern and western Atlantic and the eastern Pacific. Chiloconger Myers and Wade, 1941   ZBK has been known from two eastern Pacific species. In this paper, we add a sixth genus, Kenyaconger   ZBK , based on a new species from the western Indian Ocean. We also describe a new species of Chiloconger   ZBK from the Philippines, extending the range of that genus to the western Pacific.

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