Cardiocondyla nuda,

Mohamed, S., Zalat, S. & Fadl, H., 2001, Taxonomy of ant species (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) collected by pitfall traps from Sinai and Delta region, Egypt., Egyptian Journal of Natural History 3, pp. 40-61: 50

publication ID 10.4314/ejnh.v3i1.30001

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Cardiocondyla nuda


Cardiocondyla nuda  HNS  (Mayr, 1866)

Leptothorax nudus Mayr  HNS  , 1866: Verh. Zool.-Bot. Ges. Wien. 16:508.

Cardiocondyla nuda Mayr  HNS  : Forel, 1881, Mitt. Munch. Ent. Ver.5:6.

Cardiocondyla minutor  HNS  Wilson &Taylor, 1967: Pacific Insects Monograph 14:55.

Cardiocondyla atlanta Taylor  HNS  , 1991: Mem. Queens land Mus. 30: 601.

World distribution: Fiji Islands.

Distribution in Egypt: Sinai.

Material examined: Sahab: 1.IV.1998 (1), 14.XI.1998 (2), EL-Mafareq: 3.V.1998 (3) (Ain Coll.).