Iconella acuminata (Hust.) Cocquyt & R. Jahn

Jahn, Regine, Kusber, Wolf-Henning & Cocquyt, Christine, 2017, Differentiating Iconella from Surirella (Bacillariophyceae): typifying four Ehrenberg names and a preliminary checklist of the African taxa, PhytoKeys 82, pp. 73-112: 77

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Iconella acuminata (Hust.) Cocquyt & R. Jahn

comb. nov.

Iconella acuminata (Hust.) Cocquyt & R. Jahn  comb. nov.

Surirella acuminata  Hust. in Huber-Pestalozzi, Phytoplankt. Süsswass. vol. 2 (2), 501, fig. 606. 1942.


(designated by Simonsen 1987). BRM X1/7 Lake Tanganyika "Tanganyika See. 6".


- Surirella acuminata  Hust. in A.W.F. Schmidt, Atlas Diatom.-Kunde, pl. 355: 5 - 6. 1922, nom. inval.