Pediopsoides (Pediopsoides) Matsumura

Li, Hu, Dai, Ren-Huai & Li, Zi-Zhong, 2013, Description of two new species of the leafhopper subgenus Pediopsoides (Pediopsoides) (Hemiptera, Cicadellidae, Macropsinae) from Guangxi Province, Southern China, ZooKeys 321, pp. 15-23: 16-17

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Pediopsoides (Pediopsoides) Matsumura


Subgenus Pediopsoides (Pediopsoides) Matsumura 

Pediopsoides  Matsumura, 1912: 305.

Pediopsoides (Pediopsoides)  Hamilton, 1980: 896.

Type species.

Pediopsoides formosanus  Matsumura, 1912, by original designation.


The nominate subgenus was characterized by Hamilton (1980) and Li et al. (2012). It can be distinguished by the following combination of features: pronotal striations oblique, forewings with two anteapical cells, dorsal connective freely attached (fused in subgenus Pediopsoides (Celopsis)  ) to tenth tergite, and male pygofer without multifid or additional spines [male pygofer spine bifid or with rounded lobe on inner margin basally in subgenus Pediopsoides (Sispocnis)  , a small secondary pygofer spine posteriorly in subgenus Pediopsoides (Nanopsis)  , and male pygofer spine are multifid in subgenus Pediopsoides (Kiamoncopsis)  ].


Oriental region: China, Japan and India.