van der Hammen, L., 1959, Berlese's Primitive Oribatid Mites, Zoologische Verhandelingen 40, pp. 1-93: 82

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HERMANNIIDAE  Sellnick, 1928

Originally, Michael as well as Berlese classified the genus Hermannia  Nicolet (1855) with the Nothridae  s.lat. Sellnick (1928) created, however, a separate family Hermanniidae  that he placed between Nanhermanniidae  and Malaconothridae  . Willmann (1931) united the family with the Neoliodidae  and created a subphalanx Immarginatae  , part of the Macropylina  , an artificial classification that is based on the structure of the ventral surface.

Willmann's System remained the current classification till Grandjean (1954) created a superfamily Nothroidea  in which he incorporated the present family, although several characters of the Hermanniidae  point to a separate position (no trichobothridial regression, absence of the anal fissure, exoskeleton resembling that of the higher Oribatei  , etc.).

Two genera are mentioned as representatives of the family: Hermannia  and Phyllhermannia  . The systematic position of the last-mentioned genus appears, however, uncertain.