Dodous bispinosus, Donisthorpe, 1949

Donisthorpe, H. S. J. K., 1949, A new Camponotus from Madagascar and a small collection of ants from Mauritius., Annals and Magazine of Natural History 2, pp. 271-275 : 272-273

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Dodous bispinosus

sp. n.

No. 124. Dodous bispinosus   HNS , sp. n.

Very like trispinosus   HNS but without the two shorter spines on the mesonotum. The sculpture is different, and the species is also a little darker in colour.

[[ worker ]]. Head: the sculpture is quite different; the disc is smooth and shining, from the outer part of the smooth surface at sides semicircular carinae run on each side along the cheeks, and from the posterior part a few weaker carinae extend towards base of head, the space between these and the posterior border of head being smooth and shining.

Thorax: the ridges on the pronotum are considerably less marked; the mesonotum is smooth and shining and there are no spines present. The ridges on the sides of the thorax are less marked; the dorsal surface and the declivity of the epinotum are smooth and shining.

The spines on the pronotum are slightly longer and stronger, and those of the epinotum, being of a different shape, being slightly shorter, and projecting outwards then inwards in an even curve. Long. 5 mm.

Described from two specimens collected on Le Pouce Mt., November 2 nd, 1948. Coll. Ray. Mamet.

I erected the genus Dodous   HNS for the receipt of a number of workers and two males taken by M. Raymond Mamet on Colcotte Mt., Mauritius, in 1941. [Proc. R. Ent. Soc. Lond. (B) xv. pts. 11 and 12 (Dec. 1946), pp. 145 - 46. 4 figs.]

The description of the genus requires a slight modification as there are no spines on the mesonotum in this species.