Brown, John W., Dyer, Lee A., Villamarín-Cortez, Santiago & Salcido, Danielle, 2019, New larval host records for Tortricidae (Lepidoptera) from an Ecuadorian Andean cloud forest, Insecta Mundi 720 (720), pp. 1-12: 4

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Cochylini  ( Euliina  )

As currently defined, Cochylini  is comprised of two subtribes, a monophyletic Cochylina and a paraphyletic Euliina ( Regier et al. 2012)  , each with over 1000 described species ( Gilligan et al. 2018). With the exception of a single Holarctic genus (i.e., Eulia Hübner [1825]  ), Euliina  is restricted to the New World tropics, with about 23 species in 11 genera ranging north into North America. Hosts for the group were reviewed by Brown and Passoa (1998) and encompass numerous plant families. Although the paucity of data for most genera inhibits conclusions regarding host specificity, species of Proeulia Clarke, 1962  , an economically important pest genus in Chile and Argentina, feed on a wide range of plant families ( Gonzalez 1990, 2003; Brown and Passoa 1998), and Apolychrosis Amsel, 1962  are restricted to Pinaceae ( Pogue 1986)  . During the study in Ecuador, 19 species in six genera of Euliina  were reared, and the recorded hosts represent the first documented records for all but one of the genera.