M. Eric Anderson, 2005, Description of a new species of Echiodon (Teleostei: Carapidae) from the South Atlantic Ocean., Zootaxa 809, pp. 1-5: 1

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[[ Genus Echiodon  ZBK  ]]

The genus Echiodon Thompson  ZBK  , 1837, comprises a group of 12 known species of pearlfishes found in a depth range of 18-2000m (Markle and Olney 1990; Williams and Machida 1992; Markle 1999). Echiodon  ZBK  species are mainly deep-pelagic forms, although Markle (1999) suggested at least some may be facultative commensals (in benthic invertebrates like some other pearlfishes). Six of the 12 species of Echiodon  ZBK  are found in temperate waters of the Southern Ocean. During cruise ICEFISH-04 (May to July 2004) across the South Atlantic on RVIB NATHANIEL B. PALMER, a specimen of Echiodon  ZBK  was captured at the Tristan da Cunha Group. Originally thought by me to represent the circumglobal, austral E. cryomargarites Markle, Williams and Olney  ZBK  , 1983, it possesses several characters in combination that reveal it is unnamed.