Raveniola Zonstein, 1987

Li, Shuqiang & Zonstein, Sergei, 2015, Eight new species of the spider genera Raveniola and Sinopesa from China and Vietnam (Araneae, Nemesiidae), ZooKeys 519, pp. 1-32: 3-4

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scientific name

Raveniola Zonstein, 1987


Taxon classification Animalia Araneae Nemesiidae

Genus Raveniola Zonstein, 1987 

Type species.

Brachythele virgata  Simon, 1891, from Central Asia, by the original designation.


Raveniola  , similar to Sinopesa  Raven & Schwendinger, 1995, has two enlarged retroventral distal spines on tibia I in males and divided receptacles in females, as well as the absence of a serrula and metatarsal preening combs. The leg scopula in Raveniola  is more developed than it is in Sinopesa  . By contrast, the male intercheliceral tumescence in Raveniola  is lost or vestigial, whereas in Sinopesa  , it is well-developed. Like Sinopesa  , members of Raveniola  have more or less reduced PMS, which are completely lost in some species. The apical segment of the PLS in Raveniola  is usually shorter than that in Sinopesa  .


Raveniola  currently comprises 29 species, including the new species described here; 14 of them occur in China: Raveniola alpina  sp. n., Raveniola bellula  sp. n., Raveniola chayi  sp. n., Raveniola gracilis  sp. n., Raveniola guangxi  (Raven & Schwendinger, 1995), Raveniola hebeinica  Zhu, Zhang & Zhang, 1999, Raveniola montana  Zonstein & Marusik, 2012, Raveniola rugosa  sp. n., Raveniola shangrila  Zonstein & Marusik, 2012, Raveniola songi  Zonstein & Marusik, 2012, Raveniola spirula  sp. n., Raveniola xizangensis  (Hu & Li, 1987), Raveniola yajiangensis  sp. n. and Raveniola yunnanensis  Zonstein & Marusik, 2012.

Key to East Asian Raveniola species

Females of Raveniola alpina  sp. n., Raveniola gracilis  sp. n., Raveniola guangxi  , Raveniola rugosa  sp. n., Raveniola shangrila  , Raveniola songi  , Raveniola spirula  sp. n. and Raveniola yunnanensis  are unknown.