Probethylus callani Richards**

Olmi, Massimo, van Noort, Simon & Guglielmino, Adalgisa, 2016, Contribution to the knowledge of Afrotropical Dryinidae, Embolemidae and Sclerogibbidae (Hymenoptera), with description of new species from Central African Republic and Uganda, ZooKeys 578, pp. 45-95: 85

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Probethylus callani Richards**


Taxon classification Animalia Hymenoptera Sclerogibbidae

Probethylus callani Richards** 

Probethylus callani  Richards, 1939b: 211.

Material examined.

New records. CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Sangha-Mbaéré Prefecture: Reserve Speciale de Forêt dense de Dzanga-Sangha, 12.7 km 326°NW Bayanga, 3°00.27'N, 16°11.55'E, 420 m, 15-16.V.2001, Malaise trap, lowland rainforest, S. van Noort leg., 2♂♂ ( SAMC); Dzanga-Ndoki National Park, 38.6 km 173°S Lidjombo, 2°21'60"N 16°03'20"E, 350 m, 21-22.V.2001, Malaise trap, lowland rainforest, CAR01-M173, S. van Noort leg., 1♂ ( SAMC).


Embiidina  ( Olmi 2005a): in the Afrotropical region: Congo: Parthenembia  sp., Plesembia  sp., Dihybocercus collaris  ; in Tanzania: Rhagadochir vosseleri  .


Recorded from many Nearctic, Neotropical and Afrotropical countries ( Olmi 2005a). In Africa known from Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania ( Olmi 2005a; Olmi and Copeland 2011; Olmi et al. 2015).