Iconella myeloenta ( Wilkinson, 1937 )

Zargar, Mohammad, Gupta, Ankita, Talebi, Asghar & Farahani, Samira, 2019, A review of the Iranian species of genus Iconella Mason (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Microgastrinae) with description of two new species, Zootaxa 4586 (3), pp. 491-504: 497-499

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Iconella myeloenta ( Wilkinson, 1937 )


Iconella myeloenta ( Wilkinson, 1937) 

Material examined: Southwestern Iran: Khuzestan, Lali, Taraz, (32°20’49.70”N, 49°05′11.31”E, 390m), 21.v.2016; Malaise trap in citrus orchard; leg. M. Zargar, 1 ♀ (ICAR ̄ NBAIR); Khuzestan, Lali, Taraz , (32°20’49.70”N, 49°05′11.31”E, 390m), 21.iii.2017, 22.v.2017; Malaise trap in citrus orchard; leg. M. Zargar, 2♀ ( TMUC)GoogleMaps  .

Diagnosis. Width of face 1.8× as long as height ( Fig. 5AView FIGURE 5); ocelli large, POL: MOD: OOL − 7: 3: 5 ( Fig. 5BView FIGURE 5); penultimate flagellomere 1.4× as long as wide; mesoscutum densely evenly punctate and setose, scutellum smooth and setose ( Fig. 5CView FIGURE 5); propodeum with strong medial longitudinal carina with fine radiating lines on lateral sides at an angle from apex toward base; basal margin densely punctate, remaining propodeum not smooth, punctuate ( Fig. 5CView FIGURE 5); vein 1-R1 1.3× as long as pterostigma, 2.7× as long as r, 2.4× as long as distance from end of 1-R1 to tip of radial cell; pterostigma 4× as long as wide ( Fig. 5DView FIGURE 5); TI parallel sided at base, converging from middle to apex; TI 2× longer than basal width, basal width 2.0× as long as apical width; in middle smooth, punctate on lateral sides and rugose at apical near to TII. TII strongly constricted at base and triangular, its apical width 2.7× longer than median length ( Fig. 5EView FIGURE 5); ovipositor sheath 2.6× as long as hind tibia ( Fig. 5FView FIGURE 5); body black.

Distribution. Cyprus, Greece, Greece-main, Iran, Israel, Moldova, Spain, Spain-main, Turkey, Turkmenistan ( Yu et al., 2016). This is a new record for Khuzestan province of Iran.

Notes. In the original description ( Wilkinson 1937) the ovipositor is about as long as combined length of trochanter, trochanellus, femur, tibia, and tarsus of hind leg, but in the key by Papp (1982) the ovipositor sheath is 2× as long as hind tibia. However, in the specimens examined in the present study ovipositor sheath is 2.5-2.8× as long as hind tibia ( Fig. 5FView FIGURE 5).