Microzoanthidae Fujii & Reimer, 2011,

Low, Martyn E. Y., Sinniger, Frederic & Reimer, James Davis, 2016, The order Zoantharia Rafinesque, 1815 (Cnidaria, Anthozoa: Hexacorallia): supraspecific classification and nomenclature, ZooKeys 641, pp. 1-80: 11

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Microzoanthidae Fujii & Reimer, 2011


Microzoanthidae Fujii & Reimer, 2011 

Microzoanthidae  Fujii & Reimer, 2011: 420, 421.

Type genus.

Microzoanthus  Fujii and Reimer, 2011.


As discussed in Fujii and Reimer (2011: 421), this family is characterised by "[c]olonies attached to bottom side (downward facing side) of dead coral rubble, asperous stones, inside narrow cracks, or occasionally on dead coral rubble on muddy seafloor. Azooxanthellate, macrocnemic. Polyps connected by narrow stolon or solitary. Sand particles encrusted in column. Irregularly sized sand particles encrusted into ectoderm. Tentacles two to three times as long as expanded oral disc diameter. Edge of oral disc shaped in regular, repeating zig-zagged pattern".


This is a monotypic family and comprises only the genus Microzoanthus  Fujii & Reimer, 2011, with two species.