Hirschfeldia incana (L.) Lagr.-Foss. 1847

Lazkov, Georgy & Sennikov, Alexander, 2014, New records in vascular plants alien to Kyrgyzstan, Biodiversity Data Journal 2, pp. 1018-1018: 1018

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Hirschfeldia incana (L.) Lagr.-Foss. 1847


Hirschfeldia incana (L.) Lagr.-Foss. 1847  LSID 

Erucastrum incanum  (L.) W.D.J.Koch. Synonym.


Type status: Other material. Occurrence: catalogNumber: 22; recordedBy: G.Lazkov; Taxon: family: Brassicaceae; genus: Hirschfeldia; specificEpithet: incana; taxonRank: species; scientificNameAuthorship: (L.) Lagr.-Foss.; Location: continent: Asia; country: Kyrgyzstan; stateProvince: Jalal-Abad Region; locality: Fergana Range: Kara-Uenkuer River basin, Kyr-Koo Village ; decimalLatitude: 41.1876; decimalLongitude: 72.911; Identification: identifiedBy: G.A.Lazkov; dateIdentified: 06/03/2013; Event: eventDate: 06/03/2013; year: 2013; month: 6; day: 3; habitat: among shrubs; eventRemarks: alien plant; Record Level: collectionID: 88420; institutionCode: FRU; basisOfRecord: specimenGoogleMaps 

Native distribution and occurrence in Central Asia

Hirschfeldia incana  is a Mediterranean species that has never been recorded from Central Asia as a whole. The closest approach of its native distribution area is in Iran ( Hedge 1968).

Occurrence in Kyrgyzstan

New country record, and the first record in Central Asia. A single plant was noticed and collected in 2013 among shrubs in Kyr-Koo Village on the western side of Fergana Range (Fig. 9), but the area has not been specially explored for the species.

Invasion status in Kyrgyzstan

Most likely this is a casual, ephemeral introduction, caused by long-distance dispersal.