Similameconema sinica ( Liu & Wang, 1998 )

Yujie, Dou & Fuming, Shi, 2018, One new genus of the tribe Meconematini (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Meconematinae) from China, Zootaxa 4429 (3), pp. 569-571: 571

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Similameconema sinica ( Liu & Wang, 1998 )

comb. nov.

Similameconema sinica ( Liu & Wang, 1998)  , comb. nov., Figure 1 View Figure

Nipponomeconema sinica Liu & Wang, 1998  , Henan Science, 16 (1): 72, 73. Orthoptera

Supplemental description. Male. Body middle-sized, slightly robust. Fastigium of vertex conical, apex obtusely rounded, with a longitudinal groove in the midline. Eyes globular, prominent outwards and forwards.

Pronotum slightly short, anterior margin nearly straight, posterior margin obtusely rounded, with an entire median carina, without lateral carinae; posterior transverse sulcus located behind the middle of the pronotum, metazona protruding ( Fig. 1A View Figure ). Without humeral sinus, lateral lobe slightly longer than deep, ventral margin obtusely rounded. Thoracic auditory visible, oval ( Fig. 1B View Figure ).

Forecoxa with a spine; all femora unarmed dorsally and ventrally; foretibia with 5 pairs of spines ventrally; midtibia with 5 pairs of long spines ventrally; posttibia with a pair of apical spurs dorsally and a pair of apical spurs ventrally, external margin with 22 spines and internal margin with 24 spines dorsally, external margin with 8 spines and internal margin with 7 spines ventrally.

Tegmen long, slightly surpassing apex of postfemur, sometimes not reaching apex of postfemur. Left stridulatory area flabellate, vein Cu2 distinctly robust, slightly curved.

2nd to 5th abdominal tergites with tubercular projections ( Fig. 1C View Figure ). Posterior margin of 10th abdominal tergite slightly projecting backwards, with a middle triangular notch; lateral lobes triangular, apices slightly rounded ( Fig. 1D View Figure ). Cercus slender, base of cercus with a conical tubercle, a third base relatively compressed, internal edge slightly invaginated; two thirds terminal part cylindrical, moderately bent inner-dorsally, crossed, subapical part with some thin denticles ( Fig. 1D–H View Figure ). Genitalia sclerotized, nearly triangular pyramidal, base robust, narrowing towards apex, with a inverted “V”-shaped framework in apical view; apex blunt, apical area bent downwards ( Fig. 1J View Figure ). Subgenital plate trapezoidal, basal area broader, base with a triangular concavity; posterior margin slightly straight, the middle area of posterior margin protruding afterwards in some specimens, posterior margin obtusely rounded. Styli located on posterior margin of subgenital plate bilaterally, nearly conical, apices blunt ( Fig. 1F, I View Figure ).

Coloration. Body pale yellowish green. Eyes brown, dorsum with a longitudinal light yellow stripe from fastigium of vertex to posterior edge of pronotum; posterior area of pronotum with a pair of distinct black spots, surrounding area of the spots light brown. Apical area of 3th tarsus, claw brown, apices of tibial spines brown. Apex of cercus brown.

Female. Ovipositor smooth dorsally and ventrally, moderately bent upwards, apex of ovipositor surpassing apex of postfemur, dorsal valvulae slightly longer than ventral valvulae, apices of ventral valvulae hook-shaped ( Fig. 1K View Figure ). Subgenital plate triangular, basal area broad, apical area rounded ( Fig. 1L View Figure ). Apex of ovipositor brown.

Specimens examined. 1♀, Wudang Mountain , Hubei, 5 August, 1999, coll. Chaoming Wei  ; 1♀, Wudang Mountain , Hubei, 23 July, 2002, coll. Fuming Shi  ; 1♀, Honghegu, Mei county , Shaanxi, 2 September, 2002, coll. Meng Guan  ; 1♀, Houzhenzi, Zhouzhi , Shaanxi, 12 September, 2004, coll. Shengquan Xu  ; 1♂, Liangfengya, Foping , Shaanxi, 12 September, 2004, coll. Shengquan Xu  ; 1♀, Baotianman, Neixiang , Henan, 11–14 November, 2006, coll. Fengyan Wang, Wenjing Huang  ; 1♀, Baiyun Mountain, Song county , Henan, 15 August, 2008, coll. Fuming Shi  ; 1♂, Shiziping, Lushi county , Henan, 20 August, 2008, coll. Jianhua Huang  ; 1♂ 1♀, Shiziping, Lushi county , Henan, 22 August, 2008, coll. Jianhua Huang  ; 3♀, Baotianman, Neixiang , Henan, 13 August, 2009, coll. Liying Guo  ; 3♀, Baotianman, Neixiang , Henan, 14 August, 2009, coll. Liying Guo  ; 1♂ 1♀, Baotianman, Neixiang , Henan, 15 August, 2009, coll. Liying Guo  ; 1♂, Dalaoling, Yichang , Hubei, 22 July, 2010, coll. Guanglin Xie  .

Distribution: China (Henan, Hubei, Shaanxi).














Similameconema sinica ( Liu & Wang, 1998 )

Yujie, Dou & Fuming, Shi 2018


Nipponomeconema sinica

Liu & Wang 1998