Cryptops (Trigonocryptops) iheringi Broelemann , 1902

Chagas-Jr, Amazonas & Bichuette, Maria Elina, 2018, A synopsis of centipedes in Brazilian caves: hidden species diversity that needs conservation (Myriapoda, Chilopoda), ZooKeys 737, pp. 13-56: 22

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Cryptops (Trigonocryptops) iheringi Broelemann , 1902


Cryptops (Trigonocryptops) iheringi Broelemann, 1902 

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SÃO PAULO: Iporanga (Atlantic Rainforest), Limestone: Bairro da Serra, Gruta Ressurgência das Areias de Água Quente, (UFSCAR) 1 spec, vii.1979, Nelson.


This species is very common in southeastern and southern Brazil. Cryptops iheringi  are present in the cities of São Paulo and Curitiba, the former in the downtown area and the latter in home gardens (under or in plant pots) or in landfills ( Chagas-Jr et al. 2014). Here we present a record from a limestone cave in São Paulo.


Cave (unconsolidated substrate - humid substrate).