Microplitis tuberculifer (Wesmael, 1837),

Scaramozzino, Pier Luigi, Loni, Augusto & Lucchi, Andrea, 2017, A review of insect parasitoids associated with Lobesiabotrana (Denis & Schiffermueller, 1775) in Italy. 1. DipteraTachinidae and HymenopteraBraconidae (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae), ZooKeys 647, pp. 67-100: 83

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Microplitis tuberculifer (Wesmael, 1837)


Microplitis tuberculifer (Wesmael, 1837) 

Microplitis tuberculifera  : Catoni 1914, Ruschka and Fulmek 1915, Boselli 1928

Microplites tuberculifera  (Wesm.) Reinh.: Stellwaag 1928

Italian distribution of reared parasitoids.

Trentino-South Tyrol: Catoni 1914, Ruschka and Fulmek 1915


Microplitis tuberculifer  is widespread and common throughout the Palearctic region, with the exception of North Africa.

Host range.

It is a solitary koinobiont endoparasitoid of Lepidopteran larvae ( Noctuidae  and Geometridae  ), and it is also reported on Eupoecilia ambiguella  in Austria, together with EGVM ( Ruschka and Fulmek 1915), and Bulgaria ( Balevski 1989, Yu et al. 2012).

The only Italian records of this species on the two vine moths are due to Catoni (1914) and Ruschka and Fulmek (1915).