Venturia Schrottky, 1902

Han, Yuan-Yuan, Achterberg, Kees van & Chen, Xue-Xin, 2021, New species and records of Venturia Schrottky (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Campopleginae) from China and Nepal, ZooKeys 1041, pp. 113-136 : 113

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Venturia Schrottky, 1902


Genus Venturia Schrottky, 1902

Type species.

Venturia argentina Schrottky, 1902; by original designation.


Eye not indented to weakly indented opposite antennal socket; frons with or without a lateromedian longitudinal carina; propodeum long, reaching beyond middle of hind coxa, sometimes extending to apex of hind coxa; area superomedia and area petiolaris usually confluent; lateromedian longitudinal carina close together and more or less parallel to each other; propodeal spiracle round to oval; areolet present to absent; CU&cu-a of hind wing intercepted or not intercepted; claws not pectinate to strongly pectinate; metasoma petiole slender, first metasomal segment round in cross-section of basal 0.3, the suture separating tergite from its sternite lies in the middle or above the middle; ovipositor long, straight to strongly upcurved; male genital paramere weakly to strongly notched apically.