Xenapates flavopallidatus ( Magretti, 1895 )

Koch, Frank, Pauly, Alain, Hora, Zewdu A. & Boevé, Jean-Luc, 2015, Sawflies of Ethiopia (Hymenoptera: Argidae, Tenthredinidae), Zootaxa 4021 (1), pp. 119-155: 144-145

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Xenapates flavopallidatus ( Magretti, 1895 )


Xenapates flavopallidatus ( Magretti, 1895) 

Poecilosoma  flavo-pallidatum Magretti, 1895: 172. Locus typicus: Ethiopia, Arussi Galla, A. Ganale-Guddà. [“Arussi Galla” is an old name for “Arsi Oromo”; the junction of Genale river and Jubba river in SE Ethiopia is positioned 04° 10 ’N 042°04’E]. Holotype: ♀. Ethiopia, "Arussi Galla", A. Ganale-Guddà, III –V. 1893, leg. V. Bottego ( MCSN). Xenapates flavopallidatus: Koch, 2012 c: 23  .

Distribution. Ethiopia.

Remarks. Xenapates flavopallidatus  belongs to the X. variator  species group ( Koch 1995, 2012c) and it has been re-described, illustrated, and compared with X. nigrifrons  that has a similar body colouration (Koch 2012 c).


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