Dolichogenidea oryzae Walker, 1994

Fernandez-Triana, Jose L., Whitfield, James B., Smith, M. Alex, Dapkey, Tanya, Hallwachs, Winnie & Janzen, Daniel H., 2016, Review of the world species of Exoryza (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Microgastrinae), with description of five new species, Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift 63 (2), pp. 195-210: 198

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Dolichogenidea oryzae Walker, 1994


Taxon classification Animalia Hymenoptera Braconidae

Dolichogenidea oryzae Walker, 1994  Figs 1-6

Dolichogenidea oryzae  Walker, 1994: 426. Original description.


Female, BMNH (examined). SENEGAL: Ziguinchor, Djibelor, 5.ix.1981 (J. Etienne leg.), Braconidae  ectoparasite de Chilo  sur Riz, CIE A17916.

Other specimens examined.

1 #F ( CNC), Republic of the Gambia, Bakan, 19.i.1978, coll. L. Huggert. DNA voucher code: CNCHYM 01202.

Diagnostic description.

Body color. Head (except for clypeus and mandibles), mesosoma and T1-T2 black, remaining mediotergites brown; laterotergites, sternites and hypopygium yellow; antennal flagellomeres brown; tegula and wing base yellow; pterostigma mostly brown (with small pale spot on proximal 0.1); legs mostly yellow-orange except for metacoxa (black on proximal 0.6, yellow-orange on distal 0.4), metafemur (distal 0.2 dorsally brown), metatibia (distal 0.3 brown), and metatarsus (brown). Body ratios. Flagellomere 2 length/width: 3.2 x. Flagellomere 14 length/width: 2.0 x. Malar line/mandible width: 0.9 x. Metafemur length/width: 2.9 x. Metatibial inner/outer spur length: 1.2 x. T1 length/width at posterior margin: 0.7 x. T2 length/width at posterior margin: 0.4 x. Ovipositor sheaths length/metatibia length: 0.7 x. Body measurements (all in mm). Body length: 3.2. Fore wing length: 3.4. Flagellomere 2 length/width: 0.26/0.08. Flagellomere 14 length/width: 0.13/0.065. Flagellomeres 1/2/3/14/15/16 length: 0.27/0.26/0.26/0.13/0.12/0.16. OOL: 0.15. POL: 0.13. Diameter of posterior ocellus: 0.07. Malar line/mandible width: 0.09/0.10. Metafemur length/width: 0.75/0.26. Metatibia length: 1.08. First segment of metatarsus length: 0.51. Metatibial inner/outer spur length: 0.28/0.23. T1 length/width at anterior margin/width at posterior margin: 0.46/0.36/0.65. T2 length/width at posterior margin: 0.30/0.71. T3 length: 0.21. Ovipositor sheaths length: 0.75.


Reared from Pyraloidea  ( Chilo diffusilineus  (de Joannis), Chilo zacconius  Bleszynski, 1970) ( Walker 1994).


Gambia, Ivory Coast, Niger, Senegal.


All available evidence (morphology, biology) strongly suggests this species belongs to Exoryza  . But we have not transferred the species to that genus due to the possibility that Exoryza  is synonymized under Dolichogenidea  in the future (see further discussion on the topic above). The diagnostic description provided above, as well as the pictures of the species were based on the female specimen deposited in the CNC. For more details, the original description of the species ( Walker 1994) should also be consulted.














Dolichogenidea oryzae Walker, 1994

Fernandez-Triana, Jose L., Whitfield, James B., Smith, M. Alex, Dapkey, Tanya, Hallwachs, Winnie & Janzen, Daniel H. 2016

Dolichogenidea oryzae

Viereck 1911