Xyleborinus saxesenii (Ratzeburg, 1837)

Gomez, Demian F., Rabaglia, Robert J., Fairbanks, Katherine E. O. & Hulcr, Jiri, 2018, North American Xyleborini north of Mexico: a review and key to genera and species (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Scolytinae), ZooKeys 768, pp. 19-68: 36

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Xyleborinus saxesenii (Ratzeburg, 1837)


Xyleborinus saxesenii (Ratzeburg, 1837)  Fig. 14

Bostrichus saxesenii  Ratzeburg, 1837.

Tomicus dohrnii  Wollaston, 1854. Synonymy Eichhoff 1878.

Tomicus decolor  Boieldieu, 1859. Synonymy Ferrari 1867.

Xyleborus aesculi  Ferrari, 1867. Synonymy Eichhoff 1878.

Xyleborus sobrinus  Eichhoff, 1875. Synonymy Schedl 1964.

Xyleborus subdepressus  Rey, 1883. Synonymy Bedel 1888.

Xyleborus frigidus  Blackburn, 1885. Synonymy Samuelson 1981.

Xyleborus floridensis  Hopkins, 1915. Synonymy Wood 1962.

Xyleborus pecanis  Hopkins, 1915. Synonymy Wood 1962.

Xyleborus quercus  Hopkins, 1915. Synonymy Wood 1962.

Xyleborus arbuti  Hopkins, 1915. Synonymy Wood 1957.

Xyleborus subspinosus  Eggers, 1930. Synonymy Wood 1989.

Xyleborinus tsugae  Swaine, 1934. Synonymy Wood 1957.

Xyleborinus librocedri  Swaine, 1934. Synonymy Wood 1957.

Xyleborus pseudogracilis  Schedl, 1937. Synonymy Wood 1989.

Xyleborus retrusus  Schedl, 1940. Synonymy Wood 1989.

Xyleborus peregrinus  Eggers, 1944. Synonymy Schedl 1980.

Xyleborinus pseudoangustatus  Schedl, 1948. Synonymy Schedl 1964.

Xyleborus paraguayensis  Schedl, 1948. Synonymy Wood 1989.

Xyleborus opimulus  Schedl, 1976. Synonymy Wood 2007.

Xyleborus cinctipennis  Schedl, 1980. Synonymy Wood 1989.

Type material.

Syntypes female; “Südlichen Deutschland"; type location is indicated as presumably at SDEI by Wood and Bright (2007), unconfirmed.


Africa (introduced); Asia, Europe (introduced), North America (introduced): Mexico, Canada: British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario, United States: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia; Oceania (introduced); South America (introduced): Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay.


This species is widely distributed. Wood and Bright (1992) and most authors list this species as X. saxeseni  , but Holzschuh (1994) points out that Ratzeburg’s original description was saxesenii  , with the ii ending. The synonymy stated by Wood (1989) between X. cinctipennis  Schedl, 1980 with X. saxesenii  , supported by Brockerhoff et al. (2003), Knížek (2011) and Alonso-Zarazaga et al. (2017), may be in error (Beaver pers. comm.).