Simulium Latreille,

Takaoka, Hiroyuki, Sofian-Azirun, Mohd, Ya’Cob, Zubaidah, Chen, Chee Dhang, Lau, Koon Weng, Low, Van Lun, Pham, Xuan Da & Adler,, 2017, The black flies (Diptera: Simuliidae) of Vietnam, Zootaxa 4261 (1), pp. 1-165: 10-11

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Simulium Latreille


Genus Simulium Latreille 

The family Simuliidae  is classified in 26 genera, of which Simulium  is the largest and most widely distributed genus, with 37 subgenera ( Adler and Crosskey 2016). Simulium  is the only genus recognized in the Oriental Region, where a total of 524 species are recorded ( Adler and Crosskey 2016), and they are further classified in 10 subgenera, i.e., three endemic subgenera (Asiosimulium Takaoka & Choochote, Daviesellum Takaoka & Adler, and Wallacellum Takaoka), one semi-endemic subgenus ( Gomphostilbia  ), four cosmopolitan subgenera ( Byssodon Enderlein  , Eusimulium Roubaud  , Nevermannia  and Simulium  ), and two subgenera with a Palaearctic distribution ( Montisimulium  and Wilhelmia Enderlein  ). In the Oriental Region, the subgenus Simulium  is dominant, having 232 species (44.3%), followed by Gomphostilbia  with 193 component species (36.8%) and Nevermannia  with 55 species (10.5%), while seven other subgenera consist of 1 to 16 species.

Four subgenera ( Gomphostilbia  , Montisimulium  , Nevermannia  and Simulium  ) have been reported in Vietnam. Definitions of the genus Simulium  and 10 subgenera follow those given by Crosskey (1969), Takaoka (2003, 2012), Takaoka and Adler (1997) and Takaoka and Choochote (2005b).

The keys to all these subgenera of the genus Simulium  are herein updated. The subgenera and species-groups known from Vietnam are shown in bold face type.