Schendyla incubationum Verhoeff, 1943

Zapparoli, Marzio & Iorio, Etienne, 2012, The centipedes (Chilopoda) of Corsica: catalogue of species with faunistic, zoogeographical and ecological remarks, International Journal of Myriapodology 7, pp. 15-68: 31-32

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Schendyla incubationum Verhoeff, 1943


24. Schendyla incubationum Verhoeff, 1943 

Schendyla incubationum  Verhoeff 1943: 12, figs 15, 16. (1)

Schendyla incubationum  Verh.: Attems 1947: 83. (2)

Schendyla incubationum  Verhoeff, 1943: Foddai et al. 1996: 361, Tab. I. (3)

Schendyla incubationum  Verhoeff, 1943: Geoffroy and Iorio 2009: 684. (4)

Literature records.

General. Corsica (3, 4). Epigeic. Haute-Corse, 2B - Popaja [= Popaghje] (1, 2, loc. typ. of Schendyla incubationum  Verhoeff, 1943) [III].

Material examined.

Epigeic. Corse-du-Sud, 2A - Evisa, falls of Aitone, 1000 m: 3.VIII.1997, MZ, 1 ex 15 mm long, 45 lp MZ det. (CMZ) [II]. N Ajaccio, S Sagone, (code 74-11): 30.IX.1974, KT, 1 ex 10 mm long, 45 lp MZ det. (NHMW) [I]. S Ajaccio, Porto Pollo, approx 15 m, (code 74-15): 2.X.1974, KT, 1 ex mutilated in two segments 10+4 mm long, 43 lp MZ det. (NHMW) [I]. Haute-Corse, 2B - Corte, Col de Vizzavona, Fagus sylvatica  wood, 1160-1480 m, (code 74-13): 1.X.1974, KT, 1 ex 10 mm long, 47 lp MZ det. (NHMW) [III].

General distribution.

Corsica ( Geoffroy and Iorio 2009).


Corsican endemic, uncertain affinities.

Ecological notes.

15-1480 m; recorded from Mesomediterranean to Montane belts but only one ecological record from Fagus sylvatica  woodland is known.


The identity of this species, known only from its type material, a female 11 mm long with 47 leg pairs and immature specimens has never been re-assessed. The material examined is tentatively assigned to this species.