Nannocoris arenarius Blatchley

Weirauch, Christiane, Hoey-Chamberlain, Rochelle & Knyshov, Alexander, 2018, Synopsis of Schizopteridae (Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Dipsocoromorpha) from the United States, with description of seven new species from the US and Mexico, ZooKeys 796, pp. 49-82: 49

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Nannocoris arenarius Blatchley


Nannocoris arenarius Blatchley  Figures 6, 7, 10


Type material. Holotype: male: USA: Florida: Pinellas Co.: Dunedin, 28.027°N 82.77126°W, Jan 4- Feb 16, W.S. Blatchley ( PURC). Paratypes: same data as holotype, 11 specimens.

Revised diagnosis.

Recognized among species of Nannocoris  by relatively short head, ovoid body and forewing shape, yellow costal and posterior claval margins, short setae on forewing veins, vertex gland opening on depression of pronotal collar, short and thin, slightly sigmoid vesica, apically bifurcating right paramere, and relatively short s-shaped anophoric process with slender base that reaches anteriorly to tergum 7. Similar to N. brevipilus  , but distinguished by slender base of anophoric process.

Revised description.

Male (Figure 6): submacropterous, length: 1.04-1.09 mm, body broadly ovate. Coloration: general coloration light brown, with head somewhat lighter, scutellum and costal and posterior claval margins yellow, legs pale yellow with basal ¾ of femora light brown (Figure 6). Surface and vestiture: head, pronotum and forewing veins with dense, short, recumbent white setae. Structure: Head: moderately elongate, slightly longer than high, labium very slender, reaching to approx. mid coxa, eye small, ~1/6 of greatest head width. Thorax: opening of vertex gland medially on pronotal collar, opening large (Figure 6); forewing submacropterous (Figure 6), costal margin slightly explanate, R1 sinuously traversing cells scc and rc1-rc2, merging with Sc proximal to R2 reaching wing margin. Abdomen: tergum 8 strongly asymmetrical, much wider in left half, right half narrow and curved anteriad. Genitalia (Figure 7B, E): left laterotergite 9 relatively short, laterad-oriented spine, right paramere with narrow, bifurcating apex, left paramere elongate-triangular, vesica sinuous, not forming loop, anophoric process with anterior broad portion adjacent to tergum 8 and s-shaped process reaching anteriorly to posterior margin of tergum 7, base of s-shaped process slender.

Female (Figure 6): similar to male, length: 1.00-1.02 mm. Genitalia: as in Figure 7G.


Specimens have been collected from leaf litter associated with Quercus myrtifolia  Wild, Quercus chapmanii  Sarg, and Panicum  grass; berleseate of dried cattle manure; and flight intercept traps.


Specimens examined by us are from Highlands, Pinellas, and Polk Counties in Florida, including specimens collected at the type locality. Specimens from Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia deposited at NCSU and VMNH were identified as N. arenarius  by Robert L. Blinn, Richard L. Hoffman, and Steven L. Roble. Nannocoris anophorus  and Nannocoris brevipilus  are currently known only from Texas; the male illustrated by Hoffman et al. (2006) is submacropterous. We therefore assume that the specimens from Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia are N. arenarius  , but male genitalic structures should be examined to confirm this hypothesis.

Other material examined.

USA: Florida: Highlands Co.: Lake Placid, Archbold Biological Station, 27.188°N 81.337°W, 03 Feb 1984, M. Deyrup, 2 females (UCR_ENT 00124094, UCR_ENT 00124095), 1 male (UCR_ENT 00124097) ( ABS); 01 Feb 1986, M. Deyrup, 1 female (UCR_ENT 00124096) ( ABS). Pinellas Co.: Dunedin, 28°N 82°W, Dec 1929 - Apr 1930, W. S. Blatchley, 1 male (UCR_ENT 00120010) ( NHMUK). Polk Co.: Lake Wales Ridge Forest, 27.66388°N 81.39455°W, 16 Jul 2009, H. Otte, M. Deyrup, N. Deyrup, 1 female (UCR_ENT 00124093) ( ABS). Georgia: Bryan Co.: no specific locality, 32.16562°N 82.90008°W, 17 Sep 1974, R. Beshear, 1 female ( USNM).

Specimens databased from other collections (not examined by us).

North Carolina: Davidson Co.: Davidson, 35.77224°N 80.1878°W, 11 Jul 1976, T. Daggy, 75 males (NCSU_ENT 00216994-NCSU_ENT 00216998) ( NCSU). Mecklenburg Co.: Davidson College, Davidson, 35.50173°N 80.84678°W, 839 m, 11 Nov 1955, T. Daggy, 5 males ( NCSU). Virginia: Suffolk Co.: South Quay pine barrens, "100 m north of the canal", ca. 13 km S of Franklin, 36.55843°N 76.90858°W, 02 Jul 2003 - 06 Aug 2003, S.M. Roble, 2 males, 1 female ( VMNH); 06 Aug 2003 - 13 Sep 2003, S.M. Roble, 2 males ( VMNH).