Alphitobius parallelipennis Koch, 1953

Schawaller, Wolfgang & Grimm, Roland, 2014, The genus Alphitobius Stephens (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae, Alphitobiini) in Africa and adjacent islands, ZooKeys 415, pp. 169-190: 181

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Alphitobius parallelipennis Koch, 1953


Alphitobius parallelipennis Koch, 1953  Figs 11, 29

Type specimens examined.

Congo, Lulua, Tshibamba, XII.1931, leg. G. F. Overlaet, holotype MRAC. - Congo, Elisabethville, 7.XI.1923, leg. C. Seydel, 1 paratype TMSA.

New material.

Angola, Huila Prov., 75 km N Kaconda, 1640 m, 10.XI.2011, leg. R. Müller, 1 ex. TMSA. - Angola, Huila Prov., 10 km S Kacula, 1560 m, 12.-13.XI.2011, leg. R. Müller & P. Schüle, 1 ex. TMSA, 1 ex. SMNS. - Angola, Huila Prov., 15-20 km S Caluquembe, 6.-7.XI.2011, leg. R. Müller & P. Schüle, 2 ex. TMSA, 2 ex. SMNS. - Angola, Huila Prov., 3.5 km SW Negola, 8.XII.2012, leg. P. Schüle, 2 ex. SMNS. - Zambia, 150 km S Kasemba, 11.XI.2002, leg. F. Wachtel, 11 ex. CRG. - Zambia, 40 km NE Livingstone, Mabula Camp, 14.XI.2002, leg. F. Wachtel, 1 ex. CRG. - Zambia, Lusaka, Kafue River, 1200 m, 22.XI.-2.XII.1987, leg. R. Mourglia, 4 ex. ZSM. - Zambia, Northern Prov., Chipona Falls, 30 km S Chinsali, 5.-6.XII.2002, leg. F. & L. Kantner, 1 ex. SMNS. - Zambia, Copperbelt Prov., NW Kapiri Mposhi, 8.XII.2002, leg. F. & L. Kantner, 1 ex. SMNS. - Zambia, Central Prov., 25 km NE Lilemone, 1250 m, 5.XII.2010, leg. F. Génier, 6 ex. CNC. - Zambia, Lusaka Prov., 9 km E Mulalika, 1100 m, 24.XI.2010, leg. F. Génier, 1 ex. CNC. - South Africa, Limpopo, Krüger NP, Shingwedzi, 19.-20.XI.1961, leg. Vári & Rorke, 1 ex. TMSA. - South Africa, Limpopo (labelled as Transvaal), Manyeleti Game Reserve, 18.XI.1987, leg. T. van Viegen, 1 ex. TMSA.

Type locality.

"Lulua, Tshibamba".


Bremer (1985) already assumed, that some specimens of the type series of Alphitobius leleupi  and Alphitobius parallelipennis  in TMSA are mislabelled, and that the actual depository of the holotype of Alphitobius parallelipennis  seems unknown, at least it is not present in MRAC as published in the original description. De Meyer (VII.2013 in an email to the senior author) confirmed, that the holotype is lacking in MRAC with the remark "non renvoyé par Koch". During the last visit of the senior author in TMSA, the mixture of locality and type labels could be confirmed, and also corrected. The holotype of Alphitobius parallelipennis  could be recognised without any doubts among the type series of Alphitobius leleupi  , although mislabelled, and was transferred with correct secondary labels from TMSA to MRAC.


Congo ( Koch 1953); Angola, Zambia, northeastern South Africa (new records).