Burmeistera vulgaris E.Wimm., Repert., 2023

González, Favio, 2023, Taxonomic revision of Burmeistera (Campanulaceae-Lobelioideae) in Colombia, Phytotaxa 615 (1), pp. 1-113 : 100

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/phytotaxa.615.1.1



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Burmeistera vulgaris E.Wimm., Repert.

sp. nov.

56. Burmeistera vulgaris E.Wimm., Repert. View in CoL View at ENA Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 30: 27. 1932.

Type:— COSTA RICA. San José: north of El Copey , above Los Lotes, near finca La Cima, 2100‒2400 m, 21–22 Dec 1925 (fl, fr), P. C. Standley 42686 (holotype: F! [ F0052915 F]; isotypes: F! [ F0052916 F], US! [US00146959]). Figs. 28 View FIGURE 28 , 29E View FIGURE 29 –H.

Terrestrial herbs up to 1.5 m tall. Stem glabrous. Petiole 1.2–2.5 cm, glabrous; blade elliptic or occasionaly ovate, 10–15 × 4.5–6.0 cm, glabrous above and beneath, base obtuse, decurrent, often asymmetric, apex acute to acuminate, acumen up to 3 cm long, margin finely toothed, hydathodes intramarginal or marginal, 2 to 7 per cm, secondary veins 7 to 12 per side, intramarginal vein present, sometimes discontinuous. Peduncle 7–9(–12) cm long, glabrous, ebracteolate. Hypanthium obconic, 4–5 × 3.0– 3.8 mm, glabrous. Calyx lobes ovate to narrowly ovate, 5–9 × 1–3 mm, patent, glabrous, basally spaced by sinuses to 1 mm wide, margin with 2 or 3 teeth per side. Corolla green often suffused with vinaceous, glabrous; tube 1.4–1.6 cm long, 2–3 mm diameter at its mid-level, inflated proximally and distally; lobes narrowly ovate, falcate, dorsal lobes 16–18 × 6–7 mm, lateral lobes 13–14 × 6–7 mm, ventral lobe 6–8 × 4–5 mm. Synandrium 3.1–3.9 cm long, exserted up to 2 cm; filament tube 2.5–3.0 cm long, glabrescent or puberulous; anther tube 6.5–9.5 mm long, glabrous except for the evenly villous orifice at its apex, ventral anthers ebarbate. Berries oblong, ellipsoid or subglobose, 1.6–2.4 × 1.6–1.8 cm, inflated, glabrous, green when inmature, vinaceous when ripe.

Phenology: — Burmeistera vulgaris sets flowers and fruits from January to March, May to September, and November to December.

Distribution, ecology and conservation status: — Burmeistera vulgaris is widespread in Costa Rica, Panamá and Colombia. In Colombia, the species occurs in the Western and Central cordilleras of the departments of Antioquia, Chocó and Valle del Cauca, plus an isolated collection from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Magdalena) , in fragmented of cloud forests at elevations between 100 and 2950 m. Following the IUCN (2022) Guidelines, it is highly likely that this species is not threatened.

Note: — Burmeistera vulgaris is similar to B. andakiana (see distinctive traits under the latter).

Additional specimens examined:— Antioquia. Briceño , vereda San Fermín , 2‒3 km sobre la vía Ventanas (Yarumal)- Briceño, 1700‒1900 m, 75°30´W, 7°10´N, 3 Nov 1990 (fl, fr), R. Callejas et al. 9598 ( HUA) GoogleMaps ; Yarumal , límites con Briceño, 124 km NE de Medellín, desvío a Briceño, 2 km N del Alto de Ventanas en la vía a la costa, 2000 m, 7°07´0´´N, 75°25´0´´W, 12 Sep 2003 (fl), R. Callejas et al. 13344 ( HUA) GoogleMaps ; San Luís , Piedra de Castrillón, 3‒4 hours on foot S of town, 1500‒1700 m, 6°01´N, 75°01´W, 7 May 1989 (fl, fr), D. Daly 5838 ( NY) GoogleMaps ; Yarumal , Alto de Ventanas, along road to El Cedro , to ca. 6 km from its junction with Yarumal-Pto. Valdivia Hwy, 7°10´N, 75°28´W, ca. 2100 m, 8 Nov 1987 (fl), J. L. Luteyn et al. 11898 ( HUA, NY). GoogleMaps Chocó. Nóvita , vereda Llanadas , ladera norte del cerro Torrá , filo al oeste del río Surama, camino al Alto del Oso, 600‒900 m, 2 Feb 1077 (fl, fr), E. Forero et al. 3179 ( COL) ; San José del Palmar , hoya del río Torito, afluente del río Hábita, 850‒950 m, 16 Mar 1980 (fr), E. Forero et al. 7402 ( COL) ; región del río Pichimá , comunidad indígena Waunana, 4°25´N, 77°17´W, 100 m, 1 Dec 1976 (fl), L. Forero 794 ( COL) GoogleMaps ; Carmen de Atrato , carretera a Urrao, ca. 15 km NO de la cabecera municipal, 2500 m, 6 Nov 1985 (fl, fr), G. Galeano et al. 701 ( COL) ; Alto de Buey , 1200‒1800 m, 8 Jan 1973 (fl), A. Gentry et al. 7303 ( COL). Magdalena. Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta , transecto Alto Buritaca, cuchilla a 1900 m, 26 Jul 1977 (fl, fr), R. Jaramillo et al. 5260 A ( COL). Valle del Cauca. Cordillera Occidental , Los Farallones, vertiente oriental, Almorzadero, 2950 m, 25 Jul–2 Aug 1946 (fl), J. Cuatrecasas 21696 ( CUVC) ; Cordillera Occidental , Los Farallones , vertiente NW, Quebrada de Las Nieves, debajo de la mina El Diamante, 2900 m, 30 Jul 1946 (fl, fr), J. Cuatrecasas 21787 ( CUVC) ; Cerro del Inglés , Cordillera Occidental, Serranía de Los Paraguas, 1 hora en carro de El Cairo, vertiente sur, 2260 m, 5 Jan 1987 (fl, fr), P. Silverstone et al. 2995 ( CUVC, NY).


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Burmeistera vulgaris E.Wimm., Repert.

González, Favio 2023

Burmeistera vulgaris E.Wimm., Repert.

E. Wimm. 1932: 27
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