Spilococcus mirzayansi (Moghaddam),

Moghaddam, Masumeh, 2013, A review of the mealybugs (Hemiptera: Coccoidea: Pseudococcidae, Putoidae and Rhizoecidae) of Iran, with descriptions of four new species and three new records for the Iranian fauna, Zootaxa 3632 (1), pp. 1-107: 83-86

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Spilococcus mirzayansi (Moghaddam)


Spilococcus mirzayansi (Moghaddam) 

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Chorizococcus mirzayansi Moghaddam, 2010 a: 64  . Spilococcus mirzayansi (Moghaddam)  , Tsai & Wu, 2011: 29-30. Holotype Ƥ, Iran, Tehran: Tehran (HMIM).

DIAGNOSIS. Adult female broadly oval. Antennae 8 segmented. Translucent pores large, present on hind coxa and tibia; claw with a small denticle. Cerarii numbering 8 pairs, all on abdominal segments; anal lobe cerarii each with 2 small conical setae, plus 3 or 4 auxiliary setae and a group of trilocular pores. Anterior cerarii, each with 2 conical setae but without auxiliary setae, plus a small concentration of trilocular pores. Circulus absent. Ostioles well developed. Dorsal surface with short, conical setae. Ventral surface with long flagellate setae, and slender conical setae near margins. Multilocular disc pores absent from dorsum; ventrally present posterior to vulva, and in 2 rows across medial posterior edges of abdominal segments VI and VII, and in a single row on posterior edges of abdominal segments III –V; also along anterior edges of abdominal segments V –VII, reaching to margins; a few multilocular disc pores also present in submedial area of abdominal segment II. Trilocular pores present on dorsum and venter. Discoidal pores minute, scattered on dorsum and venter. Dorsal oral rim ducts arranged in a single row across abdominal segments, except segment VIII, plus a few scattered over thorax and head. Oral rim ducts on venter, similar to those on dorsum, present in small numbers along margins of abdominal segments, and across head and thoracic segments. Dorsal oral collar ducts present in marginal groups on abdominal segments II –VII. Ventral oral collar ducts occurring mainly in groups in lateral areas of abdominal segments III –VIII and across segments III –VII; also present in a small group lateral to each first coxa.

DISTRIBUTION. Palaearctic: Iran. In Iran, S. mirzayansi  occurs in Tehran.

MATERIAL EXAMINED. Tehran, Tehran, 3 adult Ƥ, on Opuntia ficus  indica  ( Cactaceae  ), 18.ii. 2002 (F. Parsi).

COMMENTS. Tsai & Wu (2011) transferred Ch. mirzayansi  to the genus Spilococcus  based on the presence of more than 5 pairs of cerarii, a major diagnostic character of Spilococcus  , distinguishing it from Chorizococcus  , based on the definition of Williams’s (2004).

The accompanying illustration is taken from Moghaddam (2010 a).