Puto superbus (Leonardi),

Moghaddam, Masumeh, 2013, A review of the mealybugs (Hemiptera: Coccoidea: Pseudococcidae, Putoidae and Rhizoecidae) of Iran, with descriptions of four new species and three new records for the Iranian fauna, Zootaxa 3632 (1), pp. 1-107: 94-96

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Puto superbus (Leonardi)


Puto superbus (Leonardi) 

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Macrocerococcus superbus Leonardi, 1907: 152  . Ceroputo volynicus Nasonov, 1909: 472  . Phenacoccus seurati Vayssiere, 1927: 109  . Macrocerococcus tauricus Borchsenius, 1948 a: 33  . Macrocerococcus kiritshenkoi Borchsenius, 1949: 298  .

DIAGNOSIS. Body of adult female broadly oval. Antennae short, 9 segmented. Antennal intersegmental sensilla present between segments III & IV, IV & V and VI & VII. Eyes protruding, dome-shaped. Legs robust; each surface of trochanter with 3 or 4 campaniform sensilla; claw with a large denticle and a pair of basal spurs. Marginal cerarii numbering 20−26 pairs, plus 6 more longitudinal rows of cerarii on most of dorsum. Circulus present. Ostioles well developed. Anal ring with 6 setae, plus with 3−4 rows quadrilocular pores on venter. Ventral multilocular disc pores present medially on head, thorax and abdominal segments, except posterior to vulva and around spiracles. Quinquelocular pores absent. Oral collar ducts present on venter only, narrow and long, grouped on head between mouthparts and antennae plus a few on margins of abdominal segments V –VII.

DISTRIBUTION. Palaearctic: Algeria, Armenia, Bulgaria, China, Corsica, Crete, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Morocco, Poland, Sardinia, Sicily, Turkey and Turkmenistan. P. superbus  occurs in Ardebil, Esfahan and Zanjan. This mealybug is known from 23 plant families worldwide (Ben-Dov et al., 2012).

Material examined. Ardebil: Neor Lake, 1 adult Ƥ, 20.vi. 2008, 2585 m.; Ardebil, Arabkandi, 7 adult Ƥ, 23.vi. 2008, 1162 m. Esfahan: Ghamsar, E. to Kamo, 8 adult Ƥ, 17.v. 2009, 2634 m.; Natanz, Taragh, Kesheh, 3 adult Ƥ, 20.v. 2009, 2489 m.; Natanz, Bidhand, 7 adult Ƥ, 18.v. 2009, 2575 m. Zanjan: Zanjan, Tarom Road, 1 adult Ƥ, 7.viii. 2007, 1868 m. All occur on Astragalus  sp. ( Fabaceae  ).

COMMENTS. P. superbus  is known only in Palaearctic area. Borchsenius (1949) was the first person to identify this species from Iran. Although P. superbus  occurs on about 23 plant families worldwide, it has only been recorded on Astragalus  sp. in Iran.