Phenacoccus salviacus Moghaddam,

Moghaddam, Masumeh, 2013, A review of the mealybugs (Hemiptera: Coccoidea: Pseudococcidae, Putoidae and Rhizoecidae) of Iran, with descriptions of four new species and three new records for the Iranian fauna, Zootaxa 3632 (1), pp. 1-107: 60

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Phenacoccus salviacus Moghaddam


Phenacoccus salviacus Moghaddam 

( Fig. 32)

Phenacoccus salviacus Moghaddam, 2010  , in Moghaddam & Alikhani, 2010. Holotype adult Ƥ, Iran, Arak, Shazand-Suraneh.

DIAGNOSIS. Body of female oval. Antennae normally 9 segmented. Legs well developed; claw with a small denticle; without translucent pores on hind legs. Cerarii numbering 12–14 pairs. Anal lobe cerarii each with 2 enlarged lanceolate setae, plus 4–6 trilocular pores and 2 small setae, all situated on a weakly sclerotized area. Anterior cerarii each bearing 2 short setae and 1 or 2 trilocular pores. A dorsal median cerarius present on segment VII with 2 setae and 2 trilocular pores at base. Circulus present, divided by an intersegmental line. Ostioles well developed. Some dorsal setae each with 1 trilocular pore at base, present across all segments. Dorsal multilocular disc pores few on posterior edge of abdominal segment VII; ventrally on posterior edges of abdominal segments IV –VII, on anterior edges of segment VII, and posterior to vulva; absent from margins. Quinquelocular pores present on midline of head, thorax and anterior abdominal segments. Dorsal oral collar ducts of 1 size, across head, thorax, and abdominal segments I –VII; and ventrally with a few on margins of meso- and metathorax, and across all abdominal segments.

DISTRIBUTION. Palaearctic: Iran. In Iran, P. s a lv i ac u s has only been recorded from Markazi.

MATERIAL EXAMINED. Markazi: Arak, Shazand, Suraneh, 19 adult Ƥ, on Salvia bracteata  ( Lamiaceae  ), 6.iv. 2009 (M. Alikhani).