Moghaddam, Masumeh, 2013, A review of the mealybugs (Hemiptera: Coccoidea: Pseudococcidae, Putoidae and Rhizoecidae) of Iran, with descriptions of four new species and three new records for the Iranian fauna, Zootaxa 3632 (1), pp. 1-107: 7

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DIAGNOSIS. Body of adult female normally elongate to broadly oval, usually membranous, often with a pair of anal lobes. Antennae each normally 6−9 segmented, but sometimes reduced. Legs normally present, rarely entirely absent, each always with a single tarsal segment and a single claw. Translucent pores frequently present on hind legs and sometimes extending onto derm next to attachments of hind coxae. Ostioles normally present, rarely absent. Circuli present or absent. Anal ring present, normally with at least 2 rows of cells and 6 setae, more rarely reduced or without cells. Cerarii present around margins, sometimes apparent on anal lobes only. Trilocular pores usually present and often abundant on dorsum and venter. Multilocular disc pores often present, at least on venter. Quinquelocular pores in some genera, usually on venter. Oral collar tubular ducts normally present on venter, less frequently on dorsum. Oral rim tubular duct sometimes present, at least on dorsum, rarely on venter only.