Coccidohystrix burumandi Moghaddam,

Moghaddam, Masumeh, 2013, A review of the mealybugs (Hemiptera: Coccoidea: Pseudococcidae, Putoidae and Rhizoecidae) of Iran, with descriptions of four new species and three new records for the Iranian fauna, Zootaxa 3632 (1), pp. 1-107: 18-20

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Coccidohystrix burumandi Moghaddam


Coccidohystrix burumandi Moghaddam 

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Coccidohystrix burumandi Moghaddam  : Moghaddam & Alikhani, 2009: 175–179. Holotype adult Ƥ, Iran, Arak (HMIM)

DIAGNOSIS. Body of adult female broadly oval. Antennae 9 segmented. Legs well developed. Translucent pores few on hind tibia and tarsus; claw with a denticle. Cerarii numbering 17 pairs, each situated on a sclerotized plate. Anal lobe cerarii each comprising 4 or 5 blunt conical setae, 2 or 3 very small blunt setae, and 1 or 2 small discoidal pores. Anterior cerarii each with 6–8 conical setae, 2 or 3 small blunt setae and 1 or 2 small discoidal pores. Dorsal cerarii similar to lateral cerarii, but smaller, present on midline from head to abdominal segment VII; submedial series of dorsal cerarii situated from head to abdominal segment VI, and intermediate cerarii occurring between medial and submedial cerarii on mesothorax and abdominal segments I –IV. Circulus and ostioles absent. Dorsal surface with minute and sparse lanceolate setae; venter with slender flagellate setae. Multilocular disc pores absent from dorsum, but present ventrally posterior to vulva and across abdominal segments V –VII. With a compact group of more than 100 small trilocular pores and 2–5 quinquelocular pores adjacent to all spiracular openings. Trilocular pores evenly scattered. Discoidal pores sparse. Oral collar ducts numbering 4, present across abdominal segment VI.

DISTRIBUTION. Iranian. In Iran, C. burumandi  occurs in Markazi. MATERIAL EXAMINED. Markazi: Arak, 10 adult Ƥ, on Euphorbia  sp. ( Euphorbiaceae  ), 25.v. 2009 (M. Alikhani).