Varma Distant, 1906,

Chang, Zhi-Min, Zhang, Zheng-Guang, Yang, Lin & Chen, Xiang-Sheng, 2014, Review of the Chinese species of the genus Varma Distant (Hemiptera, Fulgoromorpha, Tropiduchidae), with description of two new species, ZooKeys 417, pp. 21-35: 22-23

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Varma Distant, 1906


Taxon classification Animalia Hemiptera Tropiduchidae

Genus Varma Distant, 1906 

Varma  Distant, 1906: 330; Distant 1909: 171; Melichar 1914: 117; Wang and Liang 2008: 116.

Type species.

Serida fervens  Walker, 1857, by original designation.


Body slender, somewhat dorsoventrally depressed. Head (Figs 1-4, 5, 24) produced in front of eyes. Vertex (Figs 1-4, 5, 24) shorter in middle than broad at base (about 2.1-4.8:1), disc depressed, unicarinate carina, not reaching anterior margin. Frons (Figs 6, 25) unicarinate, longer in middle line than wide than broad (about 1.3-1.5:1). Pronotum (Figs 5, 24) tricarinate, wider than long in middle (about 3.1-5.0:1). Mesonotum (Figs 5, 24) tricarinate, wider than long in middle (about 1.1-1.3:1). Hind tibia with 3 lateral spines, spinal formula of hind leg 6(5)-5-2. Forewing (Figs 1-4, 8, 27) subhyaline, about 2.5 times longer than the widest breadth, corium without granulation, costal cell with various oblique transverse veins, nodal line and subapical line distinct. Male genitalia (Figs 10-15, 29-34) with pygofer asymmetrical, irregularly subquadrate, posterior marging produced various lobes; anal tube (urite X) symmetrical, anal styles (paraproct and epiproct) relative small, not surpassing apex of anal tube; gonostyli asymmetrical, with a strong stout process in left side, with a small process in right side; fused basally, with various median processes in ventral view; aedeagus tubular, expanded apex, with several lobes or band processes.

Female genitalia.

Gonapophyses VIII (first valvula) (Figs 16, 21, 35, 40) saw-like, strongly sclerotized, with 6-8 distinct teeth on dorsal margin, ventral margin with about 3-4 distinct teeth. Gonapophyses IX (second valvula) (Figs 18, 22, 35, 37, 41) degradated, triangular. Gonoplace (third valvula) (Figs 19, 23, 38, 42) stout, membranous, formed about 10-14 teeth on ventral margin and apical margin (Figs 19, 23, 38, 42). In ventral view, endogonocoxal lobe (Figs 17, 20, 36, 39) not bilaterally symmetrical, in the base of the gonapophyses VIII produced mesad irregular process. Sternite VII with posterior margin depressed or convex (Figs 17, 20, 36, 39).


Oriental region.

Checklist of species of Varma  Distant, 1906 in China

Varma bimaculata  Wang & Liang, 2008; China (Xizang)

Varma falcata  Chang & Chen, sp. n.; China (Guizhou)

Varma gibbosa  Wang &Liang, 2008; China (Xizang)

Varma lobata  Chang & Chen, sp. n.; China (Yunnan)

Varma serrata  Men & Qin, 2010; China (Yunnan, Hunan)

Keys to species of genus Varma  , 1906 in China

(based on male genitalia, ♂)

(based on female genitalia,♀)

Note: this key didn’t refer to Varma bimaculata  Wang & Liang, as we didn’t have the female specimens.