Pseudopraon Stary , 1975

Tian, Hong-Wei, Achterberg, Cornelis van & Chen, Xue-Xin, 2018, The genera Areopraon Mackauer, 1959 and Pseudopraon Stary, 1975 (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Aphidiinae) from China, with keys to species, ZooKeys 780, pp. 61-70: 61

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Pseudopraon Stary , 1975


Pseudopraon Stary, 1975 

Pseudopraon  Starý, 1975: 249. Type species: Pseudopraon mindariphagum  Starý, 1975.


Head transverse. Eyes small. Maxillary palpi 4-segmented, labial palpi 2-segmented. Antenna filiform, with the number of segments different in both sexes. Mesoscutum with the notauli completely developed. Propodeum smooth. Fore wing with vein 1-R1 (= metacarp) intermediate in length; vein r+3-SR (= radial vein) partially distinct, feebly indicated up to the wing apex; vein 1-SR+M absent; and vein m-cu+2-M feebly pigmented but distinctly present. Hind wing with basal cell complete. Metasoma lanceolate in the female, robust at apex in the male. T1 quadrate. Ovipositor lanceolate at the apex. Ovipositor sheaths narrowed to the apex, slightly arcuate, shortly pubescent.

Key to world species of the genus Pseudopraon  Starý, 1975