Geocenamus rugosus ( Siddiqi, 1963 ) Brzeski, 1991

Ghaderi, Reza & Karegar, Akbar, 2016, One new and three known species of Geocenamus Thorne & Malek, 1968 (Nematoda: Merliniidae) from Iran, Zootaxa 4079 (2), pp. 151-178: 158

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Geocenamus rugosus ( Siddiqi, 1963 ) Brzeski, 1991


Geocenamus rugosus ( Siddiqi, 1963) Brzeski, 1991 

( Table 3 & 4; Figs 3View FIGURE 3, 5View FIGURE 5 F –J, 7, 8 G –P)

The results of the present study indicate that G. rugosus  is a widespread species in Iran, with 30 populations of this species collected from the rhizosphere of different plants in the country ( Table 3). The species comes close to G. quadrifer  , G. conicaudatus  n. sp., G. s t e g u s ( Thorne & Malek, 1968) Brzeski, 1991 and G. lenorus ( Brown, 1956) Brzeski, 1991  . For more detailed comparison of G. rugosus  and G. quadrifer  , readers are encouraged to see Loof (1978) and Mulk (1978). Among the diagnostic characters mentioned in those two studies, tail shape in some individuals of certain populations of G. rugosus  from Iran comes close to that of G. quadrifer  ( Fig. 7View FIGURE 7 N, O), but other differences are still visible. The two other species, G. s t e g u s and G. lenorus  , are very similar to G. rugosus  , with some differences in the number of longitudinal striae, head shape and presence/absence of a post-rectal sac.