Docophorus acuminatus Piaget, 1888

Bush, Sarah E., 2017, Morphological revision of the hyperdiverse Brueelia - complex (Insecta: Phthiraptera: Ischnocera: Philopteridae) with new taxa, checklists and generic key, Zootaxa 4313 (1), pp. 1-443: 318

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Docophorus acuminatus Piaget, 1888


Docophorus acuminatus Piaget, 1888 

Type host. Tauraco persa ( Linnaeus, 1758)  — Guinea turaco. 

Remarks. Both Hopkins & Clay (1952: 344) and Price et al. (2003: 242) suggested that the host is erroneous. The type was not examined by us, and the only slide bearing this name in the Piaget collection at the NHML is from another host ( Podoa  [= Podica  ?] senegalensis  ) and is an unidentified female of Sturnidoecus  . We were unable to ascertain if this specimen actually belongs to the type series of Docophorus acuminatus  .


Natural History Museum, Tripoli