Agathodesmus hahnensis , Mesibov, Robert, 2013

Mesibov, Robert, 2013, New species of Agathodesmus Silvestri, 1910 from Australia (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Haplodesmidae), ZooKeys 325, pp. 33-64: 48-49

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Agathodesmus hahnensis

sp. n.

Agathodesmus hahnensis  sp. n. Fig. 7D


Male, Hahn Tableland, N end, Qld, 16°48'35"S, 145°10'53"E ± 500 m, 950-1000 m a.s.l., 11-14 December 1995, G. Monteith, G. Thompson and D. Cook, rainforest, QM S96040 (ex S38962).


9 males, 6 females, details as for holotype, QM S38962.

Other material.

QM: 1 male, Mt Finnigan, 37 km S of Cooktown, Qld, 15°48'53"S, 145°16'28"E ± 500 m, 850-1100 m a.s.l., 22 April 1982, G. Monteith, D. Yeates and D. Cook, rainforest, S96044; 1 male, Mossman Bluff track, 9 km W of Mossman, Qld, 16°27'52"S, 145°17'12"E ± 500 m, 1000 m a.s.l., 22-24 December 1989, G. Monteith and G. Thompson, pitfall trap, S96042; 1 male, 1 stadium 7 female, 10 km N of Mt Lewis, Qld, 16°29'29"S, 145°15'10"E ± 500 m, 1100 m a.s.l., 25 November 1990, G. Monteith, G. Thompson, D. Cook, R. Sheridan and H. Janetzki, S96043; 1 male, 1 female, Mt Misery road, Qld, 15°52'39"S, 145°12'58"E ± 500 m, 730 m a.s.l., 2 January 1991, ANZSES personnel, S37591; 1 female, Graham Range, Qld, 17°16'24"S, 145°57'58"E ± 500 m, 550 m a.s.l., 1 November 1995, G. Monteith, pyrethrum, trees and logs, S96041; 2 males, same details but 8-9 December 1995, G. Monteith, G. Thompson and D. Cook, S38960. ANIC: 1 male, Windsor Tableland, 1.2 km past barracks, Qld, 16°15'10"S, 145°02'30"E ± 500 m, 1060 m a.s.l., 8 February 1998, G. Monteith and D. Cook, ANIC berlesate 1831, 64-000338.

Diagnostic description.

Male and female with head + 20 rings. Colour in alcohol very pale yellow. Male/female ca 9.0/10.0 mm long; ring 12 maximum diameter ca 0.8/1.0 mm, maximum width ca 0.9/1.2 mm. Metatergal tubercles in 10-12 irregular transverse rows, mainly without setae; metatergal setae short with slightly flared tips; lateralmost row of tubercles enlarged, together with more medial 1-2 rows forming prominent pseudo-paranotum with 6 marginal tubercles. Male leg 6 coxa with small, rounded, mediodistal projection. Telopodite (Fig. 7D) with pp straight, slightly flattened mediolaterally; at in oblique plane (facing posterolaterally), short, narrowly triangular, curving posteriorly; dp directed laterobasally at base; mab deeply divided into 3 lobes: 2 anterolateral lobes curving anteriorly, then posterolaterally, narrowing and with upturned apices, and a basally directed posteromedial lobe widely divaricate at mid-length; meb curving behind mab, divided at ca one-third length into 2 closely appressed, needle-like processes, terminating between divaricate posteromedial and curved anterolateral lobes of mab.


Rainforest in tropical north Queensland from Mt Finnigan near Cooktown south to the Graham Range, a linear extent of ca 180 km (Fig. 13A). Co-occurs with Agathodesmus quintanus  sp. n. in the Graham Range.


For the type locality, the Hahn Plateau; adjective.