Chromobotia, Maurice Kottelat, 2004

Maurice Kottelat, 2004, Botia kubotai, a new species of loach (Teleostei: Cobitidae) from the Ataran River basin (Myanmar), with comments on botiine nomenclature and diagnosis of a new genus., Zootaxa 401, pp. 1-18: 13

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Chromobotia  ZBK  , new genus

Type species. Cobitis macracanthus Bleeker, 1852  ZBK  .

Diagnosis. Distinguished from all other genera of Botiinae by its unique colour pattern: three broad black bars (one through eye, two on body) on a bright orange-red background. Distinguished from other genera within the subfamily Botiinae by the following combination of characters: Mental lobe developed in a barbel. Fronto-parietal fontanelle large, elliptical. Anterior chamber of gas bladder partly covered by bony capsule; posterior chamber large. Top of supraethmoid very broad. Optic foramen rather small. Suborbital spine not strongly arched, bifid. Head naked (based on Taki, 1972: 76).

Etymology. From the Greek khroma (colour) and Botia  ZBK  , allusion to the bright coloration. Gender feminine.

Included species:

Chromobotia macracanthus (Bleeker, 1852)