Tetramorium noeli

Hita Garcia, F. & B. L. Fisher, 2012, The ant genus Tetramorium Mayr (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in the Malagasy region - taxonomic revision of the T. kelleri and T. tortuosum species groups., Zootaxa 3592, pp. 1-85: 56

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Tetramorium noeli


Tetramorium noeli  species complex

This species complex contains the species T. ambanizana,  T. aherni,  T. singletonae,  and T. noeli.  The characters that define the complex are the lack of sculpture on the forecoxae and the presence of basigastral costulae on the first gastral tergite.

The four species of this complex appear to be morphologically close to each other, and it is likely that they represent a natural group with shared common ancestry.